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Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy

The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Routledge (formerly Brunner/Mazel). Its editor-in-chief is R. Taylor Segraves. The journal's title is sometimes confused with the similar publication "Sexual and Marital Therapy," which is the original title to what is now the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy  
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Discipline Sexology
Language English
Edited by R. Taylor Segraves
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency 5/year
Standard abbreviations
J. Sex Marital Ther.
ISSN 0092-623X (print)
1521-0715 (web)


The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy covers:

  • Sexual Dysfunctions—ranging from dyspareunia to autogynephilia to pedophilia
  • Therapeutic Techniques—including psychopharmacology and sexual counseling for a wide range of dysfunctions
  • Clinical Considerations—sexual dysfunction and its relationship to aging, unemployment, alcoholism, and more
  • Theoretical Issues—such as the ethics of pornography in the AIDS era
  • Marital Relationships—including psychological intimacy and marital stability in women abused as children.

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