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Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

The Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History is a peer-reviewed academic journal established in 2000 and devoted to research in the relatively new field of colonial studies. The journal is aimed at a wide variety of scholars concerned with the history and social and political impact of colonialism and imperialism. The journal covers pre-, post-, and colonial periods as well as controversial questions related to the transition to independence. The founder and first editor of the journal was Patricia W. Romero of Towson University, and the current editor is Clare Anderson of the University of Leicester. The journal is available exclusively as an electronic publication. It is published three times each year in April, August, and December by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History  
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DisciplineHistory, International development
Edited byClare Anderson
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J. Colon. Colon. Hist.
OCLC no.45037899

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