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Joseph Burns (Northern Ireland politician)

Joseph Burns (born 19 July 1906, date of death unknown[1]) was an Ulster Unionist member of the Parliament of Northern Ireland. He represented North Londonderry from 1960–1973.

Born in Belfast and educated at Rainey Endowed School, Magherafelt, County Londonderry and New York University, he was an auctioneer and valuer, a farmer in Canada and a stockbroker. In 1920, he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.

He served as Assistant Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Assistant Whip from 1968 until 1969, when he resigned his post. He was chairman of the '66 Committee of Unionist backbenchers from 1970. He served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health and Social Services from 1971 until the progation of the Parliament in 1972. He was Chairman of the United Unionist Action Council in 1977.