Josef von Báky

Josef von Báky (23 March 1902, Zombor, Austria-Hungary – 28 July 1966, Munich, Germany) was a Hungarian filmmaker. He was also known as Josef v. Baky and József Baky. He was born in the village of Zobor in the Kingdom of Hungary (today Zombor, Slovakia). He worked as an assistant to Géza von Bolváry.[1][2]

He worked as director or producer on no less than 48 films. He died in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Báky's best known film is Münchhausen, which was released in 1943.[3] It is a fantasy-comedy and is noted for how it avoids politics of its time. The film was ordered by Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels to celebrate the 25th anniversary of UFA and to compete with Hollywood productions.

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