José Antonio Crespo

José Antonio Crespo Ortiz[a] (born 24 June 1977 in Madrid) is a badminton player from Spain. Crespo started playing badminton when he was eight in Benalmádena under coached Antonio Lopez, and when he was nine, he won the local tournament in San Juan. In 1991, he competed in the national tournament in Gandia, and won the U-15 boys' doubles title with his partner Jose Luis Ortiz.[1] He was the champion in the boys' doubles event at the U-19 Spanish Junior National Championships in 1994 and 1995.[2] Crespo also won the National senior title 11 times from 2001 to 2008, 3 in the singles event, 6 in the men's doubles, and 2 in the men's doubles event.[3] Crespo competed at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics in the men's doubles event with partner Llopis.[4] They were defeated in the round of 32 by Lee Dong-soo and Yoo Yong-sung of Korea.[5] Throughout his career, he had been ranked 13 in the men's doubles event with Sergio Llopis in 2003, and ranked 15 in the mixed doubles with Dolores Marco in 2002.[1] He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Physical Activity at the Technical University of Madrid.[6]

José Antonio Crespo
Personal information
Birth nameJosé Antonio Crespo Ortiz
Country Spain
Born (1977-06-24) 24 June 1977 (age 43)
Madrid, Spain
Height1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight80 kg (176 lb)
Men's & mixed doubles
Highest ranking13 (MD) July 2003
15 (XD) June 2002
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IBF World Grand PrixEdit

The World Badminton Grand Prix sanctioned by International Badminton Federation (IBF) since 1983.

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2002 Puerto Rico Open   Sergio Llopis   Tony Gunawan
  Khankham Malaythong
6–15, 3–15   Runner-up

BWF International Challenge/SeriesEdit

Men's singles

Year Tournament Opponent Score Result
2007 Puerto Rico International   Andrés Corpancho 16–21, 21–14, 21–16   Winner
2008 Kenya International   Chetan Anand 14–21, 7–21   Runner-up

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
1999 Portugal International   Sergio Llopis   Manuel Dubrulle
  Vincent Laigle
3–15, 15–10, 9–15   Runner-up
2000 Cuba International   Sergio Llopis   Keita Masuda
  Tadashi Ohtsuka
9–15, 2–15   Runner-up
2000 Hungarian International   Sergio Llopis   Valiyaveetil Diju
  Sanave Thomas
14–17, 7–15   Runner-up
2001 Spanish International   Sergio Llopis   Michał Łogosz
  Robert Mateusiak
3–15, 10–15   Runner-up
2002 Slovenian International   Sergio Llopis   Rasmus Andersen
  Carsten Mogensen
4–15, 7–15   Runner-up
2003 Peru International   Sergio Llopis   Keith Chan
  William Milroy
15–13, 12–15, 15–10   Winner
2003 Dominican Republic International   Sergio Llopis   Vincent Laigle
  Svetoslav Stoyanov
15–8, 7–15, 12–15   Runner-up
2003 Brazil International   Sergio Llopis   Howard Bach
  Kevin Han
6–15, 15–11, 15–10   Winner
2003 Southern Pan Am International   Sergio Llopis   Philippe Bourret
  Jean Philippe Goyette
2004 Dutch International   Sergio Llopis   Jean-Michel Lefort
  Svetoslav Stoyanov
9–15, 9–15   Runner-up
2005 Peru International   Nicolás Escartín   Keishi Kawaguchi
  Toru Matsumoto
7–15, 3–15   Runner-up
2005 Giraldilla International   Nicolás Escartín   Klaus Raffeiner
  Alexander Theiner
15–10, 15–4   Winner
2008 Peru International   Francisco Ugaz   Andrés Corpancho
  Rodrigo Pacheco
21–15, 21–15   Winner
2008 Miami Pan Am International   Guilherme Pardo   Daniel Gouw
  Chandra Kowi
21–19, 13–21, 14–21   Runner-up

Mixed doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
1998 Slovenian International   Dolores Marco   Andrej Pohar
  Maja Pohar
2–15, 15–11, 8–15   Runner-up
1999 Argentina International   Dolores Marco   Hugo Rodrigues
  Ana Ferreira
16–17, 10–15   Runner-up
1999 Guatemala International   Dolores Marco   Mike Beres
  Kara Solmundson
12–15, 15–10, 15–10   Winner
2000 Chile International   Dolores Marco   Mike Beres
  Kara Solmundson
9–15, 10–15   Runner-up
2000 Hungarian International   Dolores Marco   Sergio Llopis
  Mercedes Cuenca
15–1, 15–7   Winner
2002 Spanish International   Dolores Marco   Graeme Smith
  Kirsteen McEwan
2–7, 8–7, 6–8   Runner-up
2003 Peru International   Dolores Marco   Matthew Hughes
  Joanne Muggeridge
2–15, 13–15   Runner-up
2003 Dominican Republic International   Dolores Marco   Philippe Bourret
  Denyse Julien
15–4, 17–15   Winner
2003 Brazil International   Dolores Marco   Matthew Hughes
  Joanne Muggeridge
12–15, 15–13, 15–13   Winner
2004 Spanish International   Dolores Marco   Vicente Ortgosa
  Alicia Calonge
2005 Miami PanAm International   Yoana Martínez   Mike Beres
  Jody Patrick
11–15, 10–15   Runner-up
2005 Giraldilla International   Yoana Martínez   Philippe Bourret
  Helen Nichol
15–5, 15–5   Winner
2006 Waikato International   Doriana Rivera   Craig Cooper
  Renee Flavell
17–21, 18–21   Runner-up
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     BWF International Series tournament
     BWF Future Series tournament


  1. ^ This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Crespo and the second or maternal family name is Ortiz.


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