Jorun Askersrud Nygaard

Jorun Askersrud, later Nygaard, also married Tangen (6 May 1929 – 12 October 2012) was a Norwegian cross-country skier and track and field athlete during the 1950s.

She was born in Lunner, and represented the clubs Lunner IL and IL i BUL. In 1952 she finished 12th in the 10 km cross-country event at the Winter Olympics in Oslo and competed without reaching the final in 100 metres and 80 metres hurdles at the Summer Olympics.[1] Norway had originally opposed cross-country skiing for women at their own 1952 Winter Olympics.[2]

She finished 17 in the pentathlon at both the 1954 European Championships and the 1958 European Championships.[citation needed] Her personal best times in her athletic Olympic events were 12.2 seconds and 11.8 seconds, respectively.[1] In Norwegian championships she won 39 gold medals, 16 silver and 11 bronze medals as well as 9 relay gold medals between 1949 and 1961. She was awarded the King's Cup in 1953, the Norwegian Athletics Association Gold Medal in 1958 and became an honorary member of IL i BUL in 1963.[3]

As a speed skater she entered the Norwegian Allround Championships in 1958, winning the silver medal.[4]

Cross-country skiing resultsEdit

Olympic GamesEdit

 Year   Age   10 km 
1952 24 12


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