Jorien Voorhuis

Jorien Voorhuis (born 26 August 1984, in Hengelo) is a Dutch speedskater. Until season 2009/2012 she skated with the VPZ-team. Before season 2010/2011 Voorhuis changed to TVM. Her favorite distances are 1500 and 3000 meters.

Jorien Voorhuis
Jorien Voorhuis - 5000m Vancouver 2010.jpg
Voorhuis in 2010
Personal information
Born (1984-08-26) August 26, 1984 (age 36)
Hengelo, Netherlands
Country Netherlands
SportSpeed skating
Medal record
Women's speed skating
Representing  Netherlands
World Championships
Silver medal – second place 2009 Vancouver Team pursuit
Bronze medal – third place 2011 Inzell 1500 m
World Junior Championships
Gold medal – first place 2003 Kushiro Teampursuit
Gold medal – first place 2004 Roseville Teampursuit
Dutch Allround Championships
Bronze medal – third place 2006 Heerenveen Allround
Silver medal – second place 2010 Heerenveen Allround
Silver medal – second place 2011 Heerenveen Allround

Skating careerEdit

Early careerEdit

Her international breakthrough happened when she reached the 7th place at the Junior World Championships speedskating 2003 at Kushiro (Japan). She got a 2nd place on the 1500 meters. A year later she became 8th at the Junior World championships speedskating 2004. In 2005, she won 3 medals, including a golden medal on the 5000 meters at the Winteruniversiade. At the Dutch championships allround 2006 in Utrecht she won the bronze medal.

Season 2007/08Edit

For the first runs at the World Cup she only qualified for the 5000 meters. During the Dutch championships sprint 2008 in Thialf (Heerenveen) she won the bronze medal on the 1000 meters. In the final placing she was 6th. Even though this was not enough for a spot in the World Championships sprint, it did get her a ticket to the World Cup for the 1000 meters.

During the Worldcup in Baselga, Voorhuis was the only Dutch competitor and came in 4th on the 1500 meters.

At the World Cup final in Thialf (Heerenveen), she qualified for the World Championships long distances 2008 in Nagano. She came in 11th at the 1500 meters there.

Season 2008/09Edit

Voorhuis was 6th at the Dutch championships long distances 2009 on the 3000 meters, which wasn't enough to qualify for the World Cups. But right before the first Worldcup match in Berlin, Lisette van der Geest broke her collarbone, which caused Jorien Voorhuis to take her place. In the meantime, she rose to the 35th place in the Adelskalendern.

In the Dutch championships allround 2009 she was 4th at the final placing after disqualification of Renate Groenewold. But because Groenewold had a ticket for the European championships, Voorhuis was selected as a reserve for this championship. At January 21, 2009 Voorhuis qualified for the World Championships allround 2009 in Hamar, by a skate-off, along with her teammate Tom Prinsen. She was the 2nd Dutch skater in a 5th place.

Season 2009/10Edit

Voorhuis participated on the 1500 (15th) and 3000 meters (10th) at the Dutch championships long distances 2010. At the Dutch championships allround 2010 she came in 2nd, which led to her 7th place at the European championships allround 2010. In February she entered in the 5000 meters at the Olympics and came in 10th. She also took part in the team pursuit.

Season 2010/11Edit

At the Dutch championships long distances 2010 Voorhuis skated 3 distances. On the 3000 meters she was 6th, at the 1500 meters she was 5th. But she didn't qualify for the World Cup 2010/2011 because of the protection over Margot Boer. At the 5000 meters it looked like she was going to win, but she was disqualified for crossing the line at the straight side. The KNSB selected her for the World Cup anyway. She also got to skate the 3000 meters, because Marrit Leenstra canceled.

Personal recordsEdit

Personal records
Women's Speed skating
Event Result Date Location Notes
500 m 39.16 February 12, 2011  
1000 m 1:17.24 February 24, 2007  
1500 m 1:55.20 February 13, 2011  
3000 m 4:01.75 March 6, 2009  
Salt Lake City
5000 m 6:59.23 February 13, 2011  


Tournament summaryEdit

year Dutch Distance Dutch Sprint Dutch Allround European World Allround World Distance  
Worldcup World Juniors
2003 16th 7th
  Team pursuit
2004 16th 1500 m
18e 3000 m
  Team pursuit
2005 11th 1000 m
12th 1500 m
10th 3000 m
10th 5000 m
2006 11th 1500 m
12th 3000 m
9th 5000 m
2007 7th 1500 m
11th 3000 m
7th 5000 m
7th 6th 32nd 1000 m
14th 1500 m
34th 3k/5k
  Team pursuit
2008 7th 1000 m
6th 1500 m
6th 3000 m
5th 5000 m
8th 6th 11th 1500 m 29th 1000 m
8th 1500 m
21st 3k/5k
2009 18th 1000 m
6th 1500 m
6th 3000 m
8th 5000 m
4th 5th 4th 3000 m
10th 5000 m
  Team pursuit
20th 1500 m
8th 3k/5k
2010 15th 1500 m
10th 3000 m
  7th 6th 10th 5000 m
6th Team pursuit
34th 3k/5k
5th Team pursuit
2011 5th 1500 m
6th 3000 m
DQ 5000 m
  5th 6th 3rd 1500 m
7th 3000 m
9th 5000m
13th 1500 m
6th 3k/5k
  Team pursuit
2012 9th 1500 m
12th 3000 m
8th 5000 m



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