Jorge de Menezes

Jorge de Menezes (c. 1498 – 1537) was a Portuguese explorer, who in 1526–27 landed on the islands of Biak (Cenderawasih Bay), whilst he awaited the passing of the monsoon season, and on the northern coasts of the Bird's Head Peninsula, calling the region Ilhas dos Papuas. He is thus credited with the European discovery of New Guinea.[1]

Jorge de Menezes was the Portuguese Governor of the Moluccas from 1527 until 1530, residing on Ternate. While in office, he plundered a Spanish fort on Tidore, poisoned the sultan of Ternate and committed atrocities against the local population. Subsequently he was arrested and sent to Portuguese India. After his return to Portugal he was banished to the colony of Brazil, where he died in combat against Indians in 1537.[2]


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