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Jonne Järvelä during Korpiklaani concert at Myötätuulirock 2011

Jonne Järvelä (born June 3, 1974 in Vesilahti) is the vocalist/guitarist of the Finnish band Korpiklaani.[1] He is known in the folk metal scene for his yoiking and contributed the yoik on the Finntroll album, Jaktens Tid. He was once a member of the Sami music group Angelin tytöt.[2] In 2011 he appeared in the song "Humppa Is My Neighbour" by the Russian band Troll Bends Fir[3] and in the song "Leszek a Hold" by the Hungarian band Dalriada, in 2012 he played on the Varg Song "A Thousand Eyes" of the Guten Tag album.[4]


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