Jonkerbos War Cemetery

The Jonkerbos War Cemetery and Memorial is located in the town of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The cemetery contains 1,643 British Commonwealth and foreign service personnel of World War II. It was built to a design by Commission architect Philip Hepworth.[1][2]

Jonkerbos War Cemetery
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Militaire begraafplaats Jonkerbosch, Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Goffert, Nijmegen.jpg
For soldiers who were killed during World War II
Location51°49′19″N 5°49′48″E / 51.8219°N 5.8299°E / 51.8219; 5.8299Coordinates: 51°49′19″N 5°49′48″E / 51.8219°N 5.8299°E / 51.8219; 5.8299
Total burials1,643
Burials by nation
Burials by war
Statistics source: Cemetery details. Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

On Remembrance Day 2022 (May 4) the cemetery was vandalized with swastikas and other paintings such as the Ukrainian flag and references to Azov.[3]


On the site of this cemetery the preparation camp was stationed for the Waal Crossing during Operation Market Garden. Approximately 400 soldiers were first buried at an army complex in the neighborhood and were reburied in 1947 on this site.[2]

There are 1.389 Britons, 88 Canadians, 34 Australians, 21 New Zealanders, 7 Polish, 5 Belgians, 1 Dutch and 1 Russian military buried here.[4]


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