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Jones Intercable was a cable television company founded by Glenn R. Jones in 1970. Jones, already a cable television veteran, had bought his first cable system in Georgetown, Colorado after taking a $400 loan on his Volkswagen.[1]

Jones Intercable
IndustryCable television
FateAcquired by Comcast
HeadquartersGeorgetown, Colorado, USA
Key people
Glenn Jones

The company expanded rapidly and by 1994 had 1.4 million subscribers.[1]

In 1993, 30% of the company was purchased by BCI Telecom Holdings, which maintained partial ownership of the cable firm until May 1998, when Comcast announced it would be buying BCI's 37% portion of the cable giant.[2]

Around September 1999, Comcast announced that it had started to buy up the company's stock. Comcast purchased almost a million Class-A shares of Jones Intercable from Jones International along with almost 3,000 from Glenn Jones himself.[citation needed]

This led to Comcast taking full control of Jones Intercable.