Jonathan Glancey

Jonathan Glancey, FRIBA is an architectural critic and writer who was the architecture and design editor at The Guardian, a position he held from 1997 to February 2012. He previously held the same post at The Independent. He also has been involved with the architecture magazines Building Design, Architectural Review, The Architect and Blueprint. He is an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA.

Following in the footsteps of Ian Nairn[1] he made a series of four films, Outrage Revisited (2010)[2] on the banality of Britain's postwar buildings.

He is a fan of Le Corbusier. Currently he reports on architecture and design for the website BBC Culture.


Glancey attended St Benedict's School in Ealing, London[3] and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford.[4]

Books by GlanceyEdit

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