John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir

John of Luxembourg (Jean de Luxembourg) (c.  1370 – bef. 2 July 1397, Italy[1]), was Lord of Beauvoir (or Beaurevoir) and Richebourg, and also (as John II) Count of Brienne and Conversano (iure uxoris).

John of Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Jean de, seigneur de Beaurevoir (Recueil d'Arras, f. 174).jpg
Lord of Beauvoir and Richebourg as John I
PredecessorWaleran III
SuccessorJohn II
Count of Brienne and Conversano, Lord of Enghien as John II
Reign1394–1397 with Margaret, Countess of Brienne
PredecessorLouis, Count of Enghien
SuccessorPeter I of Luxembourg
Bornc.  1370
Diedbef. 2 July 1397
SpouseMargaret, Countess of Brienne (1387–1397)
IssuePeter I of Luxembourg
John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny
Louis of Luxembourg
Catherine of Luxembourg
Jeanne of Luxembourg
HouseHouse of Luxembourg
FatherGuy I of Luxembourg
MotherMahaut of Châtillon

He was a member of the French branch of the House of Luxembourg, the son of Guy I of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny and Mahaut de Châtillon (1335–1378), Countess of Saint-Pol.

John married around 1387 with Margaret, Countess of Brienne, daughter of Louis of Enghien,[2] suo jure heiress of the counties of Brienne and of Conversano, and the Lordship of Enghien.

They had five children:[3]


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