John V, Lord of Arkel

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John V, Lord of Arkel (11 September 1362 in Gorinchem – 25 August 1428 in Leerdam) was Lord of Arkel, Haastrecht and Hagestein and stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and West Frisia. He was a son of Lord Otto of Arkel and his wife, Elisabeth of Bar-Pierrepont.

John V, Count of Arkel
Blason Othon d'Arkel (selon Gelre).svg
Coat of arms of the House of Arkel
Born11 September 1362
Died25 August 1428(1428-08-25) (aged 65)
Noble familyHouse of Arkel
Spouse(s)Joanna of Jülich
FatherOtto, Lord of Arkel
MotherElisabeth of Bar-Pierrepont

He acquired the Lordship of Haastrecht in 1380 and Hagestein in 1382. When he inherited Arkel from his father in 1396, he became a member of the court council of the Count of Holland.

During the reign of Albert I, the county suffered from a series of conflicts known as the Hook and Cod wars. John V sided with Albert I and the Cods. However, during a campaign in West Frisia, John V came into conflict with Albert's son, William VI, who sided with the Hooks. The murder of Aleid van Poelgeest may also have played a role in their animosity. Albert informed his father that John was no longer a faithful ally and John declared himself independent and refused to participate in further campaigns against the Frisians. This triggered the Arkel War, in which William VI conquered Arkel. John V lost his land and spent the years 1415-1426 in captivity.

John V died in Leerdam in 1428. His son William inherited his claim on the Land of Arkel.

Marriage and issueEdit

On 18 October 1376, John married Joanna of Jülich, a daughter of Duke William II of Jülich and heiress to the Duchy of Guelders. She died in 1394. John and Joanna had two children:

John had four illegitimate children:

  • Otto (d. 1475, in Utrecht) married Jacobje of Arkel and had issue.
  • Henneke, (d. 1420) married John of Egmond, Lord of Wateringen
  • Dirk
  • Wynand, (b. 1426) goldsmith

William died when he tried to reconquer Gorinchem, which had been a possession of Arkel for many years. He was between 30 and 34 years old and had no male heir. The Land of Arkel was divided between Holland and Guelders.


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