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John L'Ecuyer (born November 15, 1964 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian film and television director.

John L'Ecuyer
Born (1964-11-15) November 15, 1964 (age 54)


John L'Ecuyer's first feature, Curtis's Charm (1995), was an adaptation of a Jim Carroll story. The film received a Special Jury Citation as Best Canadian Feature Film at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival.[1] and had a limited theatrical release in North America - Executive Produced by Atom Egoyan and Patricia Rozema the films budget was 125K (CDN).

Also at TIFF that year, L'Ecuyer's short film UseOnceAndDestroy (1995)* received another Special Jury Citation at the festival, as Best Canadian Short Film.

L'Ecuyer's other feature film credits include Saint Jude (2000- TIFF plus multiple international festivals), Confessions of a Rabid Dog (TIFF and HOTDOCS + Multiple International Festivals) his French-language feature Le Gout Des Jeunes Filles, (On the Verge of a Fever) (2006 - TIFF plus multiple international festivals). L'Ecuyer directed the feature film The Riverbank (2012 - premiere at the Sudbury Film Festival as its opening film).

He is executive producer of The Limits (2007), a debut feature film by director Ben Mazzotta.

His feature documentary, Confessions of a Rabid Dog, won Best Social Documentary at HotDocs.

He has directed over 15 TV Feature Films including Prom Queen (CTV) - Premiered as a Gala screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The controversial film about the Montreal abortionist called, The Henry Morgenthaler Affair (CBC),The addiction/rehab film written by esteemed writer Cris Cole The Good Times Are Killing Me (CTV), and the anti-bullying film TAGGED: The Jonathon Wamback Story (CTV) as well as the TV movie In God's Country, a fiction film detailing the escape of a woman from a Mormon polygamous community and her adaptation to life in mainstream Canadian society.

150+ hours of dramatic TV episodic work: A few 'selected' examples: Murdoch Mysteries (TV Feature 'Under The Dragon's Tale' and multiple episodes over several seasons- CBC/Rogers), DaVinci's Inquest (CBC- Multiple Eps),Blue Murder (7 Episodes over 2 seasons GLOBAL TV) --The Listener (CTV) Queer as Folk (SHOWTIME) , Make It Pop (Nickelodeon), The Forbidden World (Nickelodeon) , Live Through This (MTV Multiple episodes) Just Cause (PAX), The Guard (CBC 2 Episodes) and six one-hour directing credits for the A&E series Nero Wolfe starring Timothy Hutton.

L'Ecuyer Directed and Creative Produced 24 one-hour dramatic episodes over 4 seasons of ReGenesis (TMN/HBO Canada) starring Peter Outerbridge, Victor Garber, Ellen Page, Wendy Crewson amongst others.

Recently (up to 2019/20) L'Ecuyer completed his 3rd season and 12th 1 hour dramatic episode of CBC's The Detectives (CBC/ S2 Winner CSA Best Dramatic Factual series) Rogers/OMNI's Award Winning Mandarin/English crime series Blood & Water (Complete first season 8 episodes-TV series Rogers/OMNI - CSA Nomination Best Dramatic series) - The gritty bikers series Gangland Undercover (2 episodes -A/E), Real Detective (2 episodes - Netflix/Discovery ID) as well as Nickelodeon's hit teenTV series 'Make It Pop' and 'The Forbidden World' (Multiple episodes).

John L'Ecuyer studied at Ryerson University in Toronto, where his classmates included screenwriter Brad Abraham. His brother Gerald L'Ecuyer is also a film and television director.

*Based on L'Ecuyer's book UseOnceAndDestroy originally published in 1998 by Gutter Press as a PAGES edition.[2]



Year Title Notes
1994 It's a Beautiful Day
1994 Low Life
1995 Use Once and Destroy
1995 Curtis's Charm
1996 The Rez (TV series)
1996–1997 Ready or Not (TV series) "Prince Charming" (1996)
"Second Generation" (1997)
"Saint Carla" (1997)
1997 Confessions of a Rabid Dog
1997 The Hunger (TV series)
1998 Da Vinci's Inquest (TV series) "Known to the Ministry" (1998)
"The Stranger Inside" (1998)
1998–1999 Traders (TV series) "Meltdown"
"End Games" (1998)
"Reap the Whirlwind" (1998)
"Killer Instinct" (1998)
"This World ... Then the Fireworks" (1999)
1999 Cold Squad (TV series) "Deadly Games: Part I"
1999–2000 The City (TV series) "Shadows" (1999)
"Obsessions" (1999)
"Swing Your Partner" (2000)
"Sweet Cherub: Part I" (2000)
"Blindside! (2000)
2000 Live Through This
2000 Saint Jude
2000 Queer as Folk (TV series)
2001 Blue Murder (TV series) "Steel Drums" (2001)
"Remington Park" (2001)
2001 Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story
2001–2002 A Nero Wolfe Mystery (TV series) "Eeny Meeny Murder Moe"
"Disguise for Murder"
"Too Many Clients"
"Before I Die"
"Help Wanted, Male"
2002 Tom Stone (TV series)
2002–2003 Just Cause (TV series) "Tonia with a O" (2002)
"Trial by Memory" (2003)
2003 Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story
2004 Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story
2004 On the Verge of a Fever (Le Goût des jeunes filles)
2005 Under the Dragon's Tail
2006 11 Cameras (TV series)
2007 In God's Country
2004–2007 ReGenesis (TV series) "Baby Bomb" (2004)
"The Oldest Virus" (2004)
"Blackout" (2004)
"The Secret War" (2004)
"Resurrection" (2005)
"The Longest Night" (2005)
"Haze" (2006)
"China" (2006)
"The Cocktail" (2006)
"Our Men in Havana" (2006)
"Adrift" (2007)
2008 The Guard (TV series) "Fistful of Rain" (2008)
"Body Parts" (2008)
2008 The Good Times are Killing Me
2008–2011 Murdoch Mysteries (TV series) "Bad Medicine" (2008)
"The Prince and the Rebel" (2008)
"The Curse of Beaton Manor" (2010)
"Monsieur Murdoch" (2011)
"Confederate Treasure" (2011)
2012 The Listener (TV series) "Captain Nightfall" (2012)
2012 The Riverbank (TV Feature - TMN/HBO Canada) Film (Sudbury Film Fest Opening Film
2012 Methadonia
2013 Sorority Surrogate
2013 My Daughter's Nightmare
2013 The SSLSM
2014 A Date with Miss Fortune Romantic Comedy/LA Comedy Film Festival
2014 It Came From Above
2015 Blood and Water (TV series) Mandarin/English Crime Series (CSA Nom as Best Dramatic Series
2014 The Other world (TV Series) Nickelodeon Teen Series
2016 Gangland Undercover " - Season 2 (TV series) A/E Crime Biker series
2016 Early release " (Feature Film)
2016 Real Detective " - Season 2 (TV series) Netflix/Discovery ID
2017 The Detectives (CBC) 5 one hour eps / CSA winner
2018 The Detectives (CBC) 4 0ne hour eps
2019 The Detectives (CBC) 3 one hour eps completed/still filming


Year Title Notes
1994 Low Life
1994 It's a Beautiful Day
1995 Use Once and Destroy
1995 Curtis's Charm
1997 Confessions of a Rabid Dog
2012 Methadonia


Year Title Notes
2006 ReGenesis (TV series) Creative producer
2007 The Limits Executive producer


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