John IV of Werle

John IV of Werle-Goldberg, (before 1350 – between 13 March and 14 December 1374) was from 1354 until his death Lord of Werle-Goldberg.

John IV of Werle
Bornbefore 1350
Diedbetween 13 March and 14 December 1374
BuriedDoberan Minster
Noble familyHouse of Mecklenburg
FatherNicholas IV of Werle
MotherAgnes of Lindow-Ruppin

He was the son of Nicholas IV and Agnes of Lindow-Ruppin.

As he was still a minor when he inherited Werle, his mother put him under the guardianship of Duke Albert II of Mecklenburg. However, a dispute arose between Albert II and John's mother, and she then chose Lord Nicholas III of Werle-Güstrow as his guardian. After Nicholas's death, John IV ruled for himself.

On 31 October 1366, he closed a marriage contract with Duke Albert II and his sons, in which he was promised he could marry Euphemia, the four-year-old daughter of Albert's son Henry III. The marriage was planned for 1379, when she would be 17 years old. However, John IV died in 1374, so the marriage never took place.

He died in 1374, unmarried and childless. With his death, the Werle-Goldberg line died out and Werle-Goldberg fell to Bernard II of Werle-Güstrow. He was probably buried in the Doberan Minster.

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John IV of Werle
Born: before 1350 Died: between 13 March and 14 December 1374
Preceded by Lord of Werle-Goldberg Succeeded byas Lord of Werle-Güstrow