John II of Cottereau, Baron of Jauche

John of Cottereau, baron of Jauche, sometimes Van Coutereau Lord of Assche (died 17 September 1561), was the lord mayor of the City of Brussels in 1534.

Family and DescendantsEdit

He was born as the only son of John I of Cottereau, Baron of Jauche and Margueritte, Lady of Assche.[1] He married in 1556 a second time to the lady in waiting of Mary of Hungria: Catherine de Brandenbourg, Lady of Steenockerzeel. He was buried in the family mausoleum of the church of Asse[2][3] with his spouse.[4]


Their descendants belong to the Belgian nobility.


On 29 April 1556, John received by Royal decree the right of Lord Baron of Jauche. He was member of the Seven Noble Houses of Brussels, and had an important career in the Duchy of Brabant.

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