John I, Count of Alençon

John I (Jean I) (died 24 February 1191), Count of Alençon, son of William III Talvas, Count of Ponthieu,[1] and Helie of Burgundy.

Recognized as Count of Alençon by Philip II, John succeeded his father in 1171, after being associated with the crown since the return of the crusaders in 1149. He was a supporter of the Perseigne Abbey and the Abbey of Saint- Martin of Troarn.

He married Beatrix of Maine, daughter of Elias II, Count of Maine, and Philippe, Countess of Perche.[2] John and Beatrix had six children:

  • John II (d. May 1191), Count of Alençon, succeeded his father
  • Robert (d. 8 September 1217), Count of Alençon, succeeded John II. Married Jeanne de Preuilly, widow of Hugues V, Viscount of Châteaudun. Their daughter Mathilde (Maud) married Theobald VI, Count of Blois.
  • Guillaume (d. 1203)
  • Ella d’Alençon, married to Hugh II, Viscount of Chatellerault[3]
  • Helie d’Alençon (d. after May 1233), married Robert VI FitzErneis
  • Phlippa d’Alençon (d. before 1223), married first to William III of Roumare (d. 1198), (grandson of William de Roumare), second to William Malet, Lord of Graville, and third, to William de Préaux.

Near the end of his life, he planned to participate in the King’s Crusade (the Third Crusade), but died February 24, 1191, at the Chateau d'Alençon. He was succeeded as Count of Alençon by his son John.


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