Humprecht Jan Černín

Humprecht Jan Černín (Radenín, 1628 - Prague 1682) was a Czech noble and diplomat. He was the Habsburg imperial ambassador to Venice and Rome. He was appointed ambassador of King Leopold in Venice in 1659. The Czernin Palace was commissioned by him in the 1660s.[1]

Portrait of Humprecht Jan Černín by Karel Škréta.

Humprecht died on 3 March 1682 at the age of 54 years. He was buried in the chapel of Vitus Cathedral in Prague, but his heart was placed in a tin box and placed in the Czernin Chapel Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stara Boleslav

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  1. ^ Rough Guide Prague 2002 Page 56 "For all its grandeur - it's the largest palace in Prague, for the sake of which two whole streets were demolished - it's a pretty brutal building, commissioned in the 1660s by Count Humprecht Jan Cernin, one-time imperial ambassador to Venice."