John Francis Moore (sculptor)

Statue of William Beckford atop the huge monument in his memory, Guildhall, London, by John Francis Moore

John Francis Moore (died 1809) was a sculptor who was active in late 18th century Britain. His works include two memorials in Westminster Abbey.


Moore was of British extraction but was born in Hanover, Germany around 1745. While he was presumably raised and educated in Germany he moved to Britain around 1760. In 1766 his first presentation to the Society of Arts is noted: a relief sculpture entitled Britannia Reviver of Antique, Prompter to Modern Art.

His son, John Moore (d.1788) was also a sculptor but of lesser note. He died young and his father thereafter went into partnership with a 'J. Smith' from 1790 onwards.

Moore died on 21 January 1809 at Wells Street off Oxford Street, London.




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