John Dunstall

John Dunstall (fl. 1644–1675; died 1693) was an English engraver and teacher. [1]

John Dunstall
Years active1644–1675


He lived in Blackfriars, London, where he published drawing books on natural history and other educational subjects.[1] (According to some accounts he lived in the Strand.)

He engraved portraits for frontispieces of books, including portraits of Charles I, Charles II, William III,[2] Queen Mary II,[3] Rev. John Carter (Minister of Bramford, 1644),[4] James Ussher (1656),[5] and Rev. Samuel Clarke (1675).[6][1]

He also engraved views of Basing House, Clarendon House,[7] London's Custom House,[8] and St Marie Ouers in Southwark (Southwark Cathedral).[9] His works are etched and sometimes finished with the burin in the style of Wenceslaus Hollar. A few of his works are drawings, including a view of the Bethlehem Hospital. The British Museum holds many of his works.[1][10]


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