John Arundel (bishop of Exeter)

John Arundel (died 1504) was a medieval Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield and Bishop of Exeter.

John Arundel
Bishop of Exeter
Appointed5 July 1502
Term ended1504
PredecessorRichard Redman
SuccessorHugh Oldham
Consecration30 November 1496
Personal details
Previous post(s)Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield


Arundel was the son of Renfry Arundell, High Sheriff of Cornwall and was educated at the college of Canons Augustine in St. Columb and at Exeter College, Oxford.[1]

Arundel was appointed a Canon of Windsor in 1479,[2] a position he held until 1496.

After graduating with a Masters in Arts, Arundel was ordained and presented as rector to St. Columb Major. From 1482 to 1496 he served as Dean of Exeter and on 3 August 1496 was nominated as Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield and consecrated on 30 November 1496.[3] He was translated to Exeter on 5 July 1502.

Arundel died in London in 1504[4] and lies buried in St. Clement's Church without Temple Bar.

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