John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp

Johann Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp (27 February 1575 – 31 March 1616) was a Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.

John Adolf
Johann Adolf von Holstein Gottorp.jpg
John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Reign18 October 1590 –
31 March 1616
SuccessorFrederick III
Born27 February 1575
Gottorf Castle
Died31 March 1616(1616-03-31) (aged 41)
SpouseAugusta of Denmark
HouseHolstein-Gottorp, Oldenburg
FatherAdolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
MotherChristine of Hesse


He was a third son of Duke Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp and his wife Christine of Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel). He became the first Lutheran Administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Lübeck (1586–1607) and the Administrator of the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen (1589–1596). He became the Duke after the deaths of his two elder brothers. After succeeding in 1590 his father as ruling Duke the Bremian Chapter enforced his resignation in favour of his younger brother John Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince-Bishop.

Family and childrenEdit

He was married on 30 August 1596 to Princess Augusta of Denmark, daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark. They had the following children:

  1. Frederick III of Holstein-Gottorp (22 December 1597 – 10 August 1659).
  2. Elisabeth Sofie (12 October 1599 – 25 November 1627), married on 5 March 1621 to Duke Augustus of Saxe-Lauenburg.
  3. Adolf (15 September 1600 – 19 September 1631).
  4. Dorothea Auguste (12 May 1602 – 13 March 1682), married in 1633 to Joachim Ernest, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön.
  5. Hedwig (23 December 1603 – 22 March 1657), married on 15 July 1620 to Augustus, Count Palatine of Sulzbach.
  6. Anna (19 December 1605 – 20 March 1623).
  7. John (18 March 1606 – 21 February 1655).
  8. Christian, died young in 1609.


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John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg
Born: 27 February 1575 Died: 31 March 1616
Regnal titles
Religious titles
Title last held by
Henry III of Saxe-Lauenburg
(Lutheran Administrator, 1568-1585)
1585–1589 rule by Bremen's Chapter and Estates in custodianship for the minor John Adolf
Prince-Archbishop of Bremen
(Lutheran Administrator)
Succeeded by
John Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp
(Lutheran Administrator)
Preceded by Prince-Bishop of Lübeck
(Lutheran Administrator)
German nobility
Preceded by — TITULAR —
Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Succeeded by
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Christian IV of Denmark and
(in condominial rule)
Duke of Holstein and Duke of Schleswig
with Christian IV (1590–1616)
Succeeded by
Christian IV and
Frederick III
(in condominial rule)