Johann Sigismund Scholze

Johann Sigismund Scholze alias Sperontes (20 March 1705 in Lobendau bei Liegnitz (today Lubiatów near Złotoryja) 28 September 1750 in Leipzig) was a Silesian music anthologist and poet.


Little is known about the life of Scholze. He was the son of a clerk, and attended school in Liegnitz until the beginning of his studies in Leipzig. In 1729 he was in Leipzig, where on 3 January, he got married with the widow from Halle, with whom he had begun a relationship. The children died young. Only one survived him. His wife died on 12 February 1738. His own funeral in poorer shape was on 30 September 1750.[1] Stolze published under the pseudonym of Sperontes. We owe the discovery of the real identity of the poet to the musicologist Philipp Spitta, who published in 1885 a fundamental work Sperontes.[2]


The title page to Singende Müse an der Pleisse, a collection of strophic songs published in Leipzig in 1736, by Johann Sigismund Scholze.[3]
  • Sperontes, singende Muse an der Pleisse, Leipzig, 1736
  • Das Kätzgen, ein Schäferspiel, Leipzig 1746
  • Die Kirms, Leipzig 1746
  • Das Strumpfband, Leipzig 1748
  • Der Frühling
  • Der Winter


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