Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute is an educational institution, founded by Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, aimed at educating athletes, sport and business professionals in the field of sport management.

Johan Cruyff Institute
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MottoEducating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management
FounderJohan Cruyff


The academic institution was founded in 1999 with a program for 35 athletes as part of the Johan Cruyff Academy[3] of Amsterdam and has since then become a global network. In 2002, the Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona was opened and established as the international headquarters, and the expansion proceeded to Mexico (2003), Amsterdam (2006), Stockholm (2011) and Peru (2013).

There are 4 Johan Cruyff Institute (postgraduate and executive education), 3 Johan Cruyff Academy (graduate education) and 4 Johan Cruyff College (vocational training).

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Johan Cruyff Institute has appeared on's list "Postgraduate Course Rankings - The Top 40"[4]

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