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Joey Wong Cho-Yee (AKA Joey Wang, Wang Tsu Hsien, or Joey Ong Jyo Han/Hen) (Chinese: 王祖賢; pinyin: Wáng Zǔxián, born 31 January 1967) is a Hong Kong based Taiwanese actress and singer. Along with Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and Cherie Chung, she is widely regarded as one of the ‘Four Flowers’ of Hong Kong cinema.[1]

Joey Wong
Born (1967-01-31) 31 January 1967 (age 54)
Other namesJoey Wang
Joey Ong Jyo Han/Hen (Taiwanese), Wang Tsu Hsien
Alma materGuoguang Arts School
  • Actress
  • Singer
Years active1983–2005
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Partner(s)Chyi Chin (1985-2002)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


Wong was born on 31 January 1967 and raised in Taipei, where she completed her secondary school.[citation needed] She has an older brother, a younger brother and a sister.[citation needed] Her father was a basketball player and encouraged her to become a professional basketball player when she was fourteen.[citation needed] Shortly thereafter she shot a TV commercial for sport shoes which drew the attention of a film producer who made her the leading lady of film It'll Be Very Cold by the Lakeside This Year.[citation needed] Her appearance in the film attracted the attention of producer Mona Fong of Shaw Brothers who invited Wong to come to Hong Kong. In 1985, Wong then appeared in the Hong Kong film Let's Make Laugh II, opposite Derek Yee Tung Sing.[citation needed]

In 1987, she portrayed a beautiful ghost in A Chinese Ghost Story. Her portrayal led to her becoming a film idol in Japan and South Korea.[citation needed] In the following years, Wong continued to star in a dozen more movies playing similar characters, such as a ghost or a vixen.[citation needed]

In 1989, she starred in the Japanese TV series A Woman From Hong Kong, later also starring in commercials and publishing photo albums.[citation needed]

In 1992, she made her singing debut with the Japanese and Mandarin CD single, "Hold You In My Arms Forever".[citation needed] In 1993, she appeared as the White Snake in Tsui Hark's Green Snake, a revision of the Madame White Snake legend told from the perspective of the younger Green Snake.[2]

In 1994, Wong expressed a desire to retire from film making, staying away from the limelight until 1997 when she returned to the silver screen in the Japanese movie Peking Genjin (Peking Man) and released the companion CD single "Who Are You?".[citation needed]

In 1998, she released the extended Japanese CD Angelus and her first and only full CD, in Mandarin, Isolation a.k.a. Isolated From The World.[citation needed]

She returned to semi-retirement after the release of Isolation, but returned once again to films in 2001 with Peony Pavilion, then once again announced her retirement in 2002 after leaving Chyi Chin.[citation needed]

In 2004, she appeared in Shanghai Story and reportedly appeared in a Taiwanese TV series with on again, off again beau Chyi Chin.[citation needed] It was reported that she enjoyed her return to films and reportedly signed a multi-film contract.[citation needed] However, the unexpected suicide of her friend and former movie co-star Leslie Cheung caused her to withdraw once again from the limelight.[citation needed]

In September 2005, coinciding with the worldwide release of Shanghai Story, she once again announced her formal retirement.[citation needed] She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is studying English.[citation needed]

Joey Wong was also very well known for her relationship with Chyi Chin, a Taiwanese singer. Their relationship lasted about 16 years, from 1987 to 1991 and 1993 to 2002.[3]



Year Title Chinese Role Notes
1984 Lake Spirit 今年湖畔會很冷 Gong Yu Ping
1985 How to Choose a Royal Bride 天官賜福 Nalan Qiong Yao
Working Class 打工皇帝 Amy
Let's Make a Laugh II 再見七日情 Joey
1986 The Ghost Snatchers 俾鬼捉 Hsueh
Last Song in Paris 偶然 Julia [4]
Walking Beside Me 心動 Joey Ling
A Hearty Response 義蓋雲天 Kwong Sun
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife 殺妻二人組 Wang Hsiao Hsien
Where's Officer Tuba? 霹靂大喇叭 Joanne
1987 To Err Is Humane 標錯參 Jo Chou
Private Life 香港小姐寫真 Sam Lee Shing-Pui a.k.a. Miss Hong Kong
Pretty Girl 紅粉情佳人 Lin Yun Fung
A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 Lip Siu Sin Nominated Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress
The Legend of Wisely 衛斯理傳奇 Sue Pak a.k.a. Legend of the Golden Pearl
1988 Law or Justice? 法中情 Joey Ling
My Dream Is Yours 夢過界 Yik Man Sing
The Big Heat 城巿特警 Nurse Ada
The Diary of a Big Man 大丈夫日記 Joey
Fractured Follies 長短腳之戀 May Yau
Carry On Hotel 金裝大酒店 Sunflower
Picture of a Nymph 畫中仙 Mo Chiu
1989 Deception 驚魂記 Queenie / Catherine a.k.a. Web of Deception
God of Gamblers 賭神 Jane
Mr. Coconut 合家歡 Ling
My Heart is That Eternal Rose 殺手蝴蝶夢 Lap
Spirit Love 飛越陰陽界 Ginny / Ah Fun
The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus 潘金蓮之前世今生 Lotus
Missing Man 都市獵人 Rebecca / Yat
Gift from Heaven 打工狂想曲 Angie
1990 Spy Games 中日南北和 Inspector Wong
Demoness from Thousand Years 千年女妖 Yun Yuk Yi
An Eye for an Eye 唯我獨尊 Wong Fung Yee
Ming Ghost 阿嬰 Ying
Kung Fu VS Acrobatic 摩登如來神掌 Princess Yun Lo a.k.a. Modern Buddha's Palm
A Tale from the East 漫畫奇俠 Chu Kor Yee
The Big Score 絕橋智多星 Penny Shang
Family Honor 無名家族 Hor Yee
Point of No Return 都市煞星 Julie Kao
Killer's Romance 浪漫殺手自由人 Paula
The Cyprus Tigers 東方老虎 Joey
A Chinese Ghost Story II 倩女幽魂II人間道 Windy Fu Ching Fung
1991 Hong Kong Godfather 衝擊天子門生 Mrs Leung Chun Bong
A Chinese Ghost Story III 倩女幽魂III 道道道 Lotus Won Catalonian International Film Festival for Best Actress
Lady Wolf 狼女
Fox Legend 靈狐 Suet Gei a.k.a. Foxy Spirits
Fantasy Romance 魔畫情 Ching
The Banquet 豪門夜宴 Jacky's wife
Red and Black 鬼幹部 Shan
A Chinese Legend 追日 Ku Moon Cher
An Eternal Combat 天地玄門 Gigi Wong Yi San
1992 Casino Tycoon 賭城大亨之新哥傳奇 Vivian Cheng Le Erh
Casino Tycoon II 賭城大亨II之至尊無敵 Vivian Cheng Le Erh Guest star
Painted Skin 畫皮之陰陽法王 Yau Fung
The Prince of Temple Street 廟街十二少 Teresa
1993 Butterfly and Sword 新流星蝴蝶劍 Butterfly
The Beheaded 1000 千人斬 Blood Lotus
The Eagle Shooting Heroes 射鵰英雄傳之東成西就 Suqiu
City Hunter 城市獵人 Carrie / Kaori
Green Snake 青蛇 Sou Ching / White Snake
Chez N'Ham Story 芝士火腿 Joey Chan
The East Is Red 東方不敗─風雲再起 Cici / Snow
All Men Are Brothers 水滸傳之英雄本色 Lin Chung's wife
1997 Peking Man 北京猿人
2001 Peony Pavilion 遊園驚夢 Nominated Golden Bauhinia Awards for Best Actress
2004 Shanghai Story 美麗上海 May


Year Title Notes
1998 世纪末之诗 Japanese television series



Title Release Date
永遠に抱きしめて  11 March 1992
Who are you?  3 December 1997

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Nominated work Category Result Ref.
1988 7th Hong Kong Film Awards A Chinese Ghost Story Best Actress Nominated [6]
1992 22nd Catalonian International Film Festival A Chinese Ghost Story III Best Actress Won [7]
2002 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards Peony Pavilion Nominated


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