Joe Island (Greenland)

Joe Island (Danish: Joe Ø) is an island of the Nares Strait, Greenland. [1] Administratively it belongs to the Avannaata municipality.

Joe Island
Joe Ø
Joe Island is located in Greenland
Joe Island
Joe Island
LocationKennedy Channel/Hall Basin
Nares Strait
Coordinates81°15′04″N 63°31′46″W / 81.2512°N 63.5295°W / 81.2512; -63.5295Coordinates: 81°15′04″N 63°31′46″W / 81.2512°N 63.5295°W / 81.2512; -63.5295
Area1.1 km2 (0.42 sq mi)
Length1.2 km (0.75 mi)
Width1 km (0.6 mi)
Highest elevation100 m (300 ft)

Joe Island was named after Joe (Ipiirvik or Ebierbing), an Inuit guide who accompanied Charles Francis Hall in the 1871 Polaris expedition.[2][3]


Joe Island lies in the Kennedy Channel at the limit of the Hall Basin. It is located about 4 km north of Cape Morton, off the northern end of the Petermann Peninsula, to the northwest of the mouth of Petermann Fjord. The waters around the island are icebound most of the year.

The island is mushroom-shaped. It has an area of 1.1 km2 and an elevation of 100 meters.[4]

Map of part of Ellesmere Island and far Northern Greenland.

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  • George Nares Narrative of a voyage to the Polar Sea during 1875–6 in H.M. ships 'Alert' and 'Discovery'


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