Joan of Navarre (regent)

Joan of Navarre (French: Jeanne, Spanish: Juana; 1382 – July 1413) was the heir presumptive to the throne of Navarre in 1402–1413, and regent of Navarre in the absence of her father in 1409–1411. She was the eldest child of King Charles III of Navarre by his wife Eleanor, daughter of King Henry II of Castile.

Joan of Navarre
Heir presumptive
Countess of Foix
DiedJuly 1413
SpouseJohn I, Count of Foix
FatherCharles III of Navarre
MotherEleanor of Castile
ReligionRoman Catholicism


Joan was a member of the French House of Évreux. She was an elder sister to Blanche I of Navarre, Beatrix, Countess of La Marche, and Isabella, Countess of Armagnac.

Joan was originally betrothed in 1401 to Martin I of Sicily, the heir to the throne of Aragón. He was widower of Maria of Sicily, who had not given him surviving children. Plans were however changed and Martin married Joan's sister Blanche.[1] Joan herself married at Olite on 12 November 1402 to John, Viscount of Castellbò, the heir to the County of Foix in France. The couple were married for eleven years but failed to produce any children. A month after her wedding, Joan was recognized as heir presumptive to the throne of Navarre at Olite on 3 December 1402. There the Estates of Navarre swore an oath to Joan and John as their future sovereigns. This was after the early death of Joan's only brothers, Charles and Louis, in quick succession earlier in the year.[2]

In 1404, Joan contracted smallpox and was treated by the Jewish doctor Abraham Comineto. During her regency she had her own personal salaried doctor, Salomon Gotheynno, also a Jew.[3]

Joan governed Navarre in the name of her father while he was in Paris between 1409 and 1411.[3] In 1412 she became Countess of Foix when her husband succeeded his father in the county.[2] She died in the Principality of Béarn in July 1413, childless. Her younger sister Blanche became heir presumptive to the throne of Navarre, and succeeded their father Charles III on 8 September 1425.



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Joan of Navarre
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: circa 1382 Died: July 1413
French nobility
Title last held by
Joanna of Aragon
Countess consort of Foix
22 February 1412-July 1413
Title next held by
Jeanne d'Albret