Jože Tisnikar (26 February 1928 - 30 October 1998) was a Slovenian painter who was known for his egg tempera-style paintings of crows, dead bodies, funerals, landscapes and self-portraits.[1][2]

Jože Tisnikar
Jože Tisnikar in 1961 (painting unknown).
Born(1928-02-26)February 26, 1928
DiedOctober 30, 1998(1998-10-30) (aged 70)
Known forTempera-style paintings of crows, dead bodies, funerals, landscapes and self-portraits.
Notable workLjubezen
StyleEgg tempera
AwardsPrešeren Fund Award

Biography edit

Tisnikar was born in Mislinja, a village at the foot of the Pohorje mountain range.[3] He had a difficult childhood and left elementary school after four years.[4] When his father died, he had to take his place at a cardboard factory, where he worked until he was drafted into the army. He spent two years in the army in Pirot, Serbia, where he worked at a hospital ward and had his first contact with dead bodies.[5] After his military service, he returned to his home village and soon moved to Slovenj Gradec, where he got a job at the local hospital.[6] He performed mostly physical tasks with patients until the hospital opened a morgue, where he was employed as an autopsy assistant.[7] He worked there until his retirement in 1983. He died in 1998 as a pedestrian in a traffic accident, shortly after a retrospective exhibition of his works at the gallery in Slovenj Gradec.[8][9]

Artistic career edit

Ljubezen (1977); oil on canvas, tempera, 89,5 cm x 115,5 cm, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Slovenj Gradec[10][11]

Tisnikar started to paint in 1955, when he made his first oil painting (Autopsy) with the motif of a morgue atmosphere.[12][8] He developed his artistic skills under the mentorship of academic painter Karel Pečko in Slovenj Gradec between 1954 and 1964.[13] He received the Prešeren Fund Award in 1970 for his paintings exhibited in 1969.[14][15]

Tisnikar's paintings were described as "uncomfortable" and depicted the transience of human life.[16][17] Most of Tisnikar's paintings were done in egg tempera style. He is famous for his representations of crows and dark images of dead people, funerals, landscapes and self-portraits.[1][4]

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References edit

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