Jins Shamsuddin

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Mohamed Zain "Jins" Shamsudin (Jawi: محمد زين بن شمس الدين; born 5 November 1935 – 1 March 2017) was a Malaysian film actor, director, politician, writer and producer.

Jins Shamsudin

Mohamed Zain bin Shamsuddin

(1935-11-05)November 5, 1935
DiedMarch 1, 2017(2017-03-01) (aged 81)
Kg.Pasir, Hulu Kelang, Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia
Cause of deathAsphyxia via choking
Resting placeAl-Ridzuan Mosque, Hulu Kelang Muslim Cemetery, Selangor
Alma mater
  • Actor
  • director
  • politician
  • art activists
  • writer
  • producer
Years active1956–2011
Known forJefri Zain in
  • Gerak Kilat
  • Bayangan Ajal
  • Jurang Bahaya
Political partyUnited Malays National Organisation (UMNO)
Rahmah Rahmat
(m. 1961; div. 1963)
Puan Sri Halijah Abdullah
(m. 1986⁠–⁠2017)
  • Shamsuddin bin Kassim (father)
  • Mariam binti Syed Amir (mother)

Early life and film careerEdit

Mohamed Jin was born in Taiping, Perak on 5 November 1935. He went to SMK King Edward VII Taiping, Perak and he completed his Senior Cambridge exams in 1956, hoping to continue his studies at the University of Malaya in Singapore (currently the National University of Singapore).[1] His hopes were dashed when the university's admission officer said that they would "keep his application in view". His great-uncle, who was a teacher at the prestigious Anderson School in Ipoh, however managed to apply for a place to study electrical engineering in England three months into the deadline. Jins would use this spare time to take nightly English courses while he stayed with a relative who was the director for Radio Malaysia's education wing.[1]

Meanwhile, there were rehearsals of a play that were going on nearby, in which Jins would watch them daily. The lead actor of the play would later choose him as his stand-in, with the blessings of the cast and crew, when it was learnt that the lead's mother fell ill and the lead had to attend to her. When the lead actor's mother passed away and he could not resume his role, Jins's stand-in became permanent.[1] The play would eventually open at the Victoria Memorial Hall in Singapore. This is where he would be discovered by a Shaw Brothers public relations officer, who approached him about wanting to act in a movie. He agreed, and thus made his screen debut in Keadilan Illahi in 1956. He went on to act in several films until eventually becoming a main star in 1957 through Pancha Delima, a film directed by P Ramlee.[1]

Rising popularity and other venturesEdit

From 1966 to 1968, Jins had starred in several action movies produced by Malay Film Production where he portrays Jefri Zain, a James Bond-like spy character.[2]

He had pursued his studies in the London Film School from 1970 to 1972, obtaining his Diploma in Motion Picture Technology and graduated with first class honours.[3]

In 1981, Jins collaborated with the Royal Malaysia Police to produce and direct Bukit Kepong; a film dramatizing the Bukit Kepong incident, which was a chaotic armed conflict between the Malayan police and Malayan Communist Party gunmen during the Malayan Emergency. The movie, which costed about RM1.3 million to make and collected RM1.7 million at the box-office, won eight awards in the 3rd Malaysia Film Festival the next year including the Best Film category.[4] The film eventually went under a restoration project by KRU Studios in 2014.[5][6]

For much of his life, Jins was interested in making a film about the events that led to the assassination of the British official J.W.W. Birch in Perak in 1875. A newspaper report indicated that he had begun work on such a film in 1992,[7] but it was not completed. In 2004, Jins announced plans to make an epic English-language film entitled The King of the River: Pasir Salak,[8] though the project was ultimately never realized. Even five years later in 2009, Jins expressed his eagerness for the project that he considered his lifelong ambition, saying "I hope to complete my movie on the historical events that happened in Pasir Salak before I die."[9]

Political careerEdit

On 13 October 2004, he became the first actor-politician in Malaysia following his appointment as a member of the Dewan Negara in the 11th Parliament of Malaysia. He continued to be a Senator for two terms until 11 February 2011.[3][10]

Personal lifeEdit

Jins was first married to actress Rahmah Rahmat in Singapore in 1961, from which their marriage bore a son named Jeffry Jins. Their marriage however was short-lived, eventually divorcing in 1963. In 1986, he married Halijah Abdullah. They had two children together, Putera Hang Jebat and Putera Hang Nadim.[11]


Jins died at 5:45 pm at a clinic in Taman Melawati after choking on cekodok on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at the age of 81,[12][13][14] as confirmed by his second son Putera Hang Nadim.[15]

Honours and awardsEdit



Year Title Role Notes
1956 Keadilan Ilahi
Anak-ku Sazali Train Pasenggers
1957 Pancha Delima Suria Kencana
Kasih Sayang
1958 Azimat
Sergeant Hassan Aziz
Anak Pontianak Petir
1959 Dandan Setia Tengku Dandan Setia
Samseng Ahmad
1960 Lela Manja Megat Komeng
Megat Terawis Megat Sari
Pertarongan Tamir
Putera Sangkar Maut
1961 Si Tanggang Tanggang
Indera Bangsawan Indera Bangsawan
1962 Lubalang Daik Singkip
Batu Durhaka Wira
1963 Darah Muda Yazid
Neracha Rahman / Hussein
Budi dan Dosa Osman
1964 Bidasari Tengku Indera
1965 Takdir
Sayang Si Buta Dr. Rashid
1966 Gerak Kilat Jefri Zain
Kacha Permata Hamzah / Omar
1968 Bayangan Ajal Jefri Zain
Jurang Bahaya
Amok Tok Nading
Kanchan Tirana Kanchan
Miang-Miang Keladi Khalid
1969 Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandong Agus Directing debut
1970 Di-Belakang Tabir Osman, Karim Director
1977 Menanti Hari Esok Cikgu Talib / Jalil
1979 Esok Masih Ada ASP Zamri
Tiada Esok Bagimu Ghailan
1981 Bukit Kepong Sgt. Jamil Mohd Shah Director and producer
1982 Esok Untuk Siapa Jiman Director
1985 Ali Setan Tan Sri
1991 Memory Herman
1993 Balada Father Desa Director
2001 The Deadly Disciple Mahaguru Yassin Cameo
2007 1957: Hati Malaya Sultan Johor
2008 Akhirat Dato’ Shamsudin
2010 Miss You like Crazy Mir's Grandfather A Filipino production

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role TV channel Notes
2004–2005 Masih Ada Cinta Zahran TV3
2005 Mahligai Gading Tan Sri Suffian TV1
2007 Dinasti Bilut Tan Sri Mustafa
2008 Roda-Roda Kuala Lumpur (Season 2) TV2 Special appearance
2011 Tahajjud Cinta Tan Sri TV3


Year Title Role TV channel
1991 Wawasan TV1



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