Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel

The Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel (Chinese: 金城民防坑道; pinyin: Jīnchéng Mínfáng Kēngdào) is a tunnel in Jincheng Township, Kinmen County, Taiwan.

Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel
Official name金城民防坑道
LocationJincheng, Kinmen, Taiwan
Coordinates24°25′59.0″N 118°19′12.8″E / 24.433056°N 118.320222°E / 24.433056; 118.320222
Work begunMarch 1968
OpenedJune 1969
Length2,315 meters

History edit

After the first and second Taiwan Strait Crisis, the government decided to construct an underground civilian tunnels for protection. The construction of the tunnel started in March 1968 and completed in June 1969 for 15 months of works. It was then used to connect various public buildings in the island.[1]

Architecture edit

The tunnel has a total combined length of 2,315 meters.[1] It is equipped with air raid shelters, ammunition depots and pillboxes.[2]

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