Ji-Paraná River

The Ji-Paraná River (Machado River), sometimes spelled Jiparaná, is a river in Rondônia state in western Brazil. It is a tributary of the Madeira River in the Amazon Basin. For much of its length it runs roughly parallel with the northeastern state border of Rondônia. The city of Ji-Paraná is divided by the river.

Ji-Paraná River
Machado River
Bridge (BR-364 highway) over the river in Ji-Paraná city
Ji-Paraná River is located in
Ji-Paraná River
Location of the mouth of the Ji-Paraná River in the Amazonas watershed
Physical characteristics
 • locationParecis plateau, Rondônia, Brazil
MouthMadeira River
 • location
Rondônia, Brazil
 • coordinates
8°02′55″S 62°53′51″W / 8.048599°S 62.897437°W / -8.048599; -62.897437Coordinates: 8°02′55″S 62°53′51″W / 8.048599°S 62.897437°W / -8.048599; -62.897437
Length820 km (510 mi)[1]
 • average2,054 m3/s (72,500 cu ft/s)

Part of the river's basin is covered by the 221,218 hectares (546,640 acres) Jacundá National Forest, a sustainable use conservation unit.[2] Part of the basin is in the 346,861 hectares (857,110 acres) Jaru Biological Reserve, a fully protected conservation unit created in 1984.[3] The river forms the southern boundary in Rondônia of the Campos Amazônicos National Park, a 961,318 hectares (2,375,470 acres) protected area created in 2006 that holds an unusual enclave of cerrado vegetation in the Amazon rainforest.[4]

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