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Jhenaidah District

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Jhenaidah (Bengali: ঝিনাইদহ) is a district in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Khulna Division. It has an area of 1964.77 km².[1] It is bordered by Kushtia District to the north, Jessore District and West Bengal (India) to the south, Rajbari District and Magura District to the east, and Chuadanga District and West Bengal (India) to the west.[2]At the beginning of the British rule Jhenaidah was a police out post and was turned into a thana in 1793. The Jhenaidah Sub division was established in 1862 and was turned into a district in 1984.[3]


Payra chattar, jhenaidah.jpg
Jhenaidah NunGolaMoshjid 20Mar14 IMG 7057.jpg
Jhenaidah GolakataMosque 20Mar14 IMG 7001.jpg
Jhenaidah PirPukurMosque 20Mar14 IMG 7018.jpg
Jhenaidah PathagarMoshjid 20Mar14 IMG 7085.jpg
Jhenaidah JorBanglaMoshjid 20Mar14 IMG 6996.jpg
Jhenaidah KhorerDhibi 20Mar14 IMG 7081.jpg
শেখ কামাল টেক্সটাইল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং কলেজ,ঝিনাইদহ nice.jpg
From top:Payra chattar, Jhenaidah NunGola Masjid, Jhenaidah Golakata Mosque, Pir Pukur Masjid, Pathaghar Dhibi, Jor Bangla Masjid, Khorer Dhibi and Jhenaidah Textile Engineering College
Jhinaidoho, Jhineda
Location of Jhenaidah in Bangladesh
Location of Jhenaidah in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°32′N 89°00′E / 23.54°N 89.00°E / 23.54; 89.00Coordinates: 23°32′N 89°00′E / 23.54°N 89.00°E / 23.54; 89.00
Country Bangladesh
DivisionKhulna Division
 • Total1,964.77 km2 (758.60 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total1,771,304
 • Density900/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+06:00 (BST)



Annual average temperature: maximum 37.1 °C, minimum 11.2 °C. Annual rainfall: 1467 mm[4]


According to the 2011 Bangladesh census, Jhenaidah District had a population of 1,771,304. Males constituted 50.04% of the population and females 49.96%. Muslims formed 90.39% of the population, Hindus 9.48%, Christians 0.06% and others 0.08%. Jhenaidah had a literacy rate of 48.4% for the population 7 years and above.[5]

Jhenaidah district has 1,771,304 people as of 2011.[1] Density of the population is 901.5 inh./km².[6]


Deputy Commissioner (DC): Soroj Kumar Nath[7]

Chairman of Zila Porishod: Kanak Kanti Das [1]

Mayor of Municipality: Saidul Karim Mintu[8]


There are six upazilas under this district:

  1. Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila
  2. Maheshpur Upazila
  3. Kaliganj Upazila
  4. Kotchandpur Upazila
  5. Shailkupa Upazila
  6. Harinakunda Upazila


  • Jhenaidah Cadet College
  • Kanchannagar Model School & College, Jhenaidah
  • Jhenaidah Government Boys High School
  • Jhenaidah Government Girls' High School
  • Govt. K.C. College, Jhenaidah
  • Shishu Kunja School & College,Jhenaidah
  • Jhenaidah Government Veterinary College
  • Institute Of Health Technology(IHT), Jhenaidah
  • Jhenaidah Technical School and College (JTSC)
  • Maheshpur High School (MHS)
  • Maheshpur Girls' School (MGS)
  • Joradah Secondary High School,Harinakundu
  • Maheshpur Government Degree College
  • Maheshpur Municipal Women's College
  • Govt. Mahtab Uddin Degree College, Kaliganj
  • Govt. Naldanga Bhushan Pilot secondary School,Kaliganj
  • Solimunnesa Girls' High School, Kaliganj
  • Shaheed Noor Ali College,Kaligonj
  • Ramnagor College,Kaligonj
  • Kolabazar Secondary High School,Kaliganj
  • Kotchandpur Govt. Model Pilot Secondary School
  • Kotchandpur Secondary Girls' School
  • Govt. K.M.H. College, Kotchandpur
  • Chandpara Government Primary School, Jhenaidah
  • Sheikh Kamal Textile Engineering College, Jhenaidah
  • Jhenaidah Polytechnic Institute


The district is predominately Muslim, 89.6%. The next largest religion is Hinduism with 10.3%.[2]

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