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Jhenaidah Government Veterinary College

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Jhenaidah Government Veterinary College (JGVC) is the 9th veterinary institution in Bangladesh. It is affiliated by Jessore University of Science and Technology. It provides a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree of 5 years(4 years honors and 1 year internship). It was established at 2010.[1]

Dr. Liaquit Ali is the founder principal of the college.

Jhenidah Govt Veterinary College,is an institution which administrated by the Department of LiveStock(DLS) of Government of People Republic of Bangladesh and affiliated under Jessore University Of Science and Technology. JGVC is a specialised College where only the course of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM) of 5 year course (a 4 year long honor's and 1 year internship)is being taught. . JGVC is about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) far from the main city of Jhenidah Zilla and situated on 10 acre land (100 acre occupied) beside the Jhenidah-Chuadanga main road. . Every year only 60 students able to get chance in JGVC in DVM course after passing admission test. . In JGVC, hall for male, female student, mosque, auditorium, gymnasium, veterinary teaching hospital, medical center, bus, rain water plant for collecting rain water safely, pond, playground, large-animal shed, lab-animal shed, guest house, medicinal garden, academic building, 14 laboratories, a modern 3rd generation central laboratory for biotechnological-genetical and vaccine thesis, and many other criteria.

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