Jhangvi dialect

Jhangli (جھنگلی), Jangli (جانگلي) or Rachnavi (رچناوی) is an Indo-Aryan dialect spoken in Punjab. It is intermediate between Standard Punjabi and Saraiki.[1] Its name is derived from the Pakistani city of Jhang.[2] It is spoken throughout a widespread area, starting from Khanewal to Jhang District at either end of Ravi and Chenab.[3] The term does not include the whole area of Punjab. As such it can be considered a subdialect of Jatki. Native people mostly use Jungli for their dialect. Jangli dialect is spoken by Indigenous people of Jhang, Tandlianwala, Kamalia,some areas of Chiniot, and some areas of Sahiwal district[citation needed]

Jangli's sound inventory includes implosive consonants, but unlike in Saraiki these do not have phonemic status, as they do not contrast with plain voiced consonants.[4] The implosives are more common than in Saraiki, and their set contains the unusual for the area dental implosive (/ɗ̪/), which contrasts with the regular retroflex implosive /ᶑ/.[5][6]

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