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European Personal Watercraft Championship in Crikvenica

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal watercraft[1] manufactured by Kawasaki,[2] a Japanese company.[3] The term is often used generically to refer to any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation, and it is also used as a verb to describe the use of this type of water vehicle.[4] Jet Skis typically can carry 1-2 people seated in a configuration like a typical bicycle or motorcycle.

It was the "first commercially successful" personal watercraft in America, having been released in 1972 (after reaching a license agreement with the inventor of the Jet Ski, Clayton Jacobson II when his license agreement with Bombardier expired).[2]


Proper nounEdit

"Jet Ski" is a proper noun and registered trademark of Kawasaki.


There have been fatal accidents involving Jet Skis. In a notable case U.S. astronaut Alan G. Poindexter died in 2012 due to an accident with a Jet Ski in Florida.[5]


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