Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day is a single-player third-person shooter developed and published by 2Genderz Productions. Released in early 2019, the game garnered for graphic violence targeted against left-leaning people, LGBT people, among others discriminated against by the alt-right.

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day
Jesus Strikes Back.png
A still from the game, as displayed on 2Genderz's website
Developer(s)2Genderz Productions
Platform(s)Windows, macOS, Linux
ReleaseJanuary 2019
Genre(s)Third-person shooter


In 2028, the world ruled by homosexual billionaire reptilian satanists called George Sorrows and Mark Cuckerberg (a reference to George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, respectively) is raided by an army of radical illegal aliens, who "spread from city to city, pillaging all in their path, looting and raping everything and everyone" . Where the situation goes really bad, Jesus Christ – identified in the game as one of the greatest enemy of the New World Orderreturns to earth to attack his enemies.[1]


The players take control of Gamerz based on Jesus Christ, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Eva Braun, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, a crusader, Pepe the Frog, Shrek and Brenton Tarrant (the perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque shootings), who fight against Non-gamerz such as Antifa, immigrants, gays, transgender people, Social Justice Warriors, Feminazis, and Abortion-rights activists while attempting to defeat the leaders of the New World Order.[2] The levels in the game are set in a mosque, gay nightclub and news studio, as well as at the American–Mexican border. Occasionally players must defeat bosses based on Democratic Party figures such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders,[3] as well as German chancellor Angela Merkel.


Although it was initially seen to be a troll hoax when news of it first appeared around late 2018, Jesus Strikes Back's existence was confirmed after the blog post "Cleaning up your concerns" was uploaded to its website in December. The game's release date was initially January 2019, with an alpha version being available in February.[4] The game is available via VISA, MasterCard and cryptocurrency BitCoin and is sold for $14.88, which is a reference to white supremacist Fourteen Words and coded Hail Hitler.[2]


The game's strong violence, which is mainly targeted against left-wing political figures have drawn some backlash along with the fact that the playable characters are respectively modeled after alt-right idols such as Adolf Hitler and Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant. These issues have led to both PayPal permanently barring the developer from using its services and several online petitions to ban the game being created.[3][5][1] In response to this, an official statement saying that the game is satire and does not encourage any actual violence against anyone was put on the front page of the company's website.[2]

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Following Jesus Strikes Back, on 2 August 2019 2Genderz Productions published The Shitposter, a first-person shooter, where players take control of Brenton Torrent, a shooter who commits and streams a mass shooting across the city. Because of its promotion of extremist themes and apparent praise of Brenton Tarrant's actions, New Zealand banned the game and, in an official statement, called all the ones released by the company "illegal, terrorist-promotional products designed to spread hate and encourage killing."[6]

Another title, a third-person hack and slash Blackpill Bill: God's Work was realized two months later, whose name, according to magazine The Advocate, is a reference to misogynistic philosophy of the same name that believes that a person's level of attractiveness toward a member of the opposite sex is fixed at birth.[7] The game's story is about Bill, a man who gets fired because he didn't know about his company's policy of diversity. Without a job, Bill becomes mad and is eventually sent to an asylum, where he decides to get out of there and take rampage.


A sequel, Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection, was released in April 2020 on 2Genderz store.[citation needed]

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