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Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Blakemore is a #1 New York Times bestselling American novelist. Under her maiden name, Jessica Bird, she writes contemporary romance novels, and as J.R. Ward, she writes paranormal romance. She is a two-time winner of the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, once as Bird for Best Short Contemporary Romance for From the First, and once as Ward for Best Paranormal Romance for Lover Revealed.

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Blakemore
Born Jessica Rowley Pell Bird
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Pen name J. R. Ward
Occupation Novelist
Language English
Nationality American
Alma mater Smith College, Albany Law School
Period 2002–present
Genre Romance, paranormal romance
Notable works Black Dagger Brotherhood series
Notable awards RITA award – Best Short Contemporary Romance
2007 From the First
RITA award – Best Paranormal Romance
2008 Lover Revealed
Spouse John Neville Blakemore III (2001–present)



Born Jessica Rowley Pell Bird in Massachusetts, United States, she is the daughter of W. Gillette Bird, Jr. and Maxine F. Bird.[1] She began writing as a child, penning her thoughts in diaries as well as inventing short stories. The summer before she went to college she wrote her first book, a romance novel.[2] After that, she wrote regularly, but for herself.[3] Bird attended Smith College[1] where she double majored in history and art history, concentrating on the medieval period.[3] She then received a law degree from Albany Law School[1] and worked in healthcare administration for several years,[3] including as the Chief of Staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

In 2001, Bird married John Neville Blakemore III.[1] Her new husband encouraged her to try to get an agent and market her manuscripts. She found an agent, and in 2002 her first novel, a contemporary romance called Leaping Hearts, was published.[3][4] Several years later, Bird invented a world populated by vampires and began writing single-title paranormal romance novels under the pen name J.R. Ward. These novels are a series, known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood.[4]

Bird likes to write series novels which incorporate characters from her previous books. She likens the process of creating a series to "meeting friends through other friends".[3] Her heroes are most often alpha males, "the tougher, the cockier, the more arrogant, the better", while the heroines are smart and strong.[3]

The Romance Writers of America awarded her the RITA Award for Best Short Contemporary Romance in 2007 for her novel From the First.[5] She has also been nominated six times for Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards, winning once for Lover Awakened. She was also number 2 on the New York Times Bestsellers List of 2014.[6]


As Jessica BirdEdit

Single novelsEdit

The Moorehouse Legacy SeriesEdit

  1. Beauty and the Black Sheep. Silhouette. July 2005 [2005]. ISBN 9780373246984. 
  2. His Comfort and Joy. Silhouette. January 2006 [2006]. ISBN 9780373247325. 
  3. From The First. Silhouette. April 2006 [2006]. ISBN 9780373247509. 
  4. A Man in a Million. Silhouette. January 2007 [2007]. ISBN 9780373248032. 

The O'Banyon Brothers SeriesEdit

  1. The Billionaire Next Door. Silhouette. August 2007 [2007]. ISBN 9780373248445. 


  • From the First / What are Friends for?. 2002. 

Collections in collaborationEdit

As J. R. WardEdit

Black Dagger Brotherhood UniverseEdit

The Black Dagger BrotherhoodEdit

  1. Dark Lover. Penguin. September 2005 [2005]. ISBN 9780451216953. 
  2. Lover Eternal. Signet. March 2006 [2006]. ISBN 9780451218049. 
  3. Lover Awakened. Signet. September 2006 [2006]. ISBN 9780451219367. 
  4. Lover Revealed. Onyx. March 2007 [2007]. ISBN 9780451412355. 
  5. Lover Unbound. Signet. September 2007 [2007]. ISBN 9780451222350. 
  6. Lover Enshrined. Signet. June 2008 [2008]. ISBN 9780451222725. 
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  11. Lover at Last. NAL. March 2013 [2013]. ISBN 9780451239358. 
  12. The King. NAL. April 2014 [2014]. ISBN 9780451417053. 
  13. The Shadows. NAL. March 2015 [2015]. ISBN 9780451417077. 
  14. The Beast. NAL. April 2016 [2016]. ISBN 9780451475169. 
  15. The Chosen. Ballantine Books. April 2017 [2017]. ISBN 9780451475190. 
  16. The Thief. Ballantine Books. April 2018 [2018]. ISBN 9780451475213. 
  17. The Savior. Ballantine Books. April 2019 [2019]. 
  • "Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story" (October 2008) – ebook
  • "The Story of Son" (in Dead After Dark anthology) (December 2008)
  • "Dearest Ivie" (March 2018) - ebook
  • Black Dagger Brotherhood, box set: Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Unbound, Lover Revealed, Lover Enshrined (2009)

Fallen Angels SeriesEdit

Same universe but takes place in an earlier timeline.

  1. Covet. Signet. September 2009 [2009]. ISBN 0-451-22821-9. 
  2. Crave. Signet. October 2010 [2010]. ISBN 0-451-22944-4. 1
  3. Envy. Signet. September 2011 [2011]. ISBN 0-349-40020-2. 
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  6. Immortal. NAL. October 2014 [2014]. ISBN 978-045-124-116-0. 

Black Dagger LegacyEdit

Spin-off series that details the trainees

  1. Blood Kiss. Signet. December 2015 [2015]. ISBN 978-0-451-47532-9. 
  2. Blood Vow. Ballantine Books. December 2016 [2016]. ISBN 978-0-451-47533-6. 
  3. Blood Fury. Ballantine Books. January 2018 [2018]. ISBN 978-0-451-47534-3. 

The Bourbon KingsEdit

  1. The Bourbon Kings. Berkley. July 2015 [2015]. ISBN 978-0-451-47526-8. 
  2. The Angel's Share. Berkley. July 2016 [2016]. ISBN 978-0-451-47528-2. 
  3. Devil's Cut. Ballantine Books. August 2017 [2017]. ISBN 978-0-451-47530-5. 


  1. Consumed. Gallery. October 2, 2018 [2018]. ISBN 978-1-501-19490-0. 


  • "The Wedding from Hell" (3-Part ebook prequel for Consumed)-July-August 2018

Collections in collaborationEdit

Awards and receptionEdit

  • 2006 - RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance for Lover Awakened[7]
  • 2006 - RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance for Lover Unbound[7]
  • 2007 - Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Short Contemporary Romance for From the First[8]
  • 2008 - P.E.A.R.L. (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature) for Best Vampire Romance for Lover Enshrined
  • 2008 - Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Paranormal Romance for Lover Revealed[8]
  • 2009 - P.E.A.R.L. (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature) for Best Overall Paranormal Romance AND Best Vampire Romance for Lover Avenged
  • 2010 - Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Best Romance for Lover Mine[7]
  • 2011 - Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Best Romance for Lover Unleashed[7]
  • 2011 - RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance for Lover Unleashed[7]
  • 2013 - Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Best Romance for Lover at Last[7]


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