Jersey Derby

The Jersey Derby is a $60,000 American Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds held annually in late July/early August at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey. Since 1993, it has been raced on grass at a distance of ​1 116 miles.

Jersey Derby
Listed race
LocationMonmouth Park
Oceanport, New Jersey, United States
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
WebsiteMonmouth Park Racetrack
Race information
Distance1 116 miles (8.5 furlongs)
Weight123 lbs. (allowances)

A Jersey Derby was run on June 7, 1864, at a racetrack in Paterson, New Jersey. The one-time event was won by Robert A. Alexander's colt Norfolk. When the Garden State Park Racetrack opened in 1942, it created the Jersey Handicap, which was renamed the Jersey Stakes in 1948. Since 1960, it has been known as the Jersey Derby.

In the spring of 1977, a fire destroyed Garden State Park, and the race was shifted was to the Atlantic City Race Course, where it was run that year. The race resumed in 1981 at the Atlantic City track and was raced there for four years until it returned to Garden State Park in 1985, where it remained through 1998.

Now a Listed race, at one time the Jersey Derby was one of the premier events on the American summer racing calendar. It counts among its winners greats such as 1948's U.S. Triple Crown champion, Citation, and nine other American Classic winners, plus two-time Breeders' Cup Mile winner Da Hoss. In 1998, Who Did It and Run became the first filly to ever win the Jersey Derby. She did it in the final year the race was held at Garden State Park before it moved to its present location at Monmouth Park.

Since inception in 1942, the race has been contested at various distances:

  • 1 116 miles : 1993 to present
  • 1 18 miles : 1942-1947, 1953–1984, 1991–1992
  • 1 14 miles : 1948-1952, 1985–1990

The turf race had to be moved to the dirt track for the 2001 and 2003 runnings.


Speed record:

Most wins by a jockey:


2013 Hard Enough Paco Lopez Bobby S. Dibona Peace Sign Stables 1:41.06
2012 Howe Great Joe Bravo H. Graham Motion Team Valor International 1:42.67
2011 Breathless Storm Paco Lopez Kiaran McLaughlin Mrs. Fitriani Hay 1:41.06
2010 Hudson Steele Jose Lezcano Todd Pletcher Roger J. Weiss 1:41.07
2009 Endymion Joe Bravo Christophe Clement Peachtree Stable 1:44:22
2008 Mr. Maccool Eddie Castro David Fawkes Donamire Farm 1:42.01
2007 Buddy's Humor Garrett Gomez Bruce N. Levine Kingfield Stables 1:41.64
2006 Presious Passion Eddie Castro Mary Hartmann Patricia A. Generazio 1:41.02
2005 Touched By Madness Frank Pennington Edward T. Allard Gilbert G. Campbell 1:43.54
2004 Icy Atlantic Chuck Lopez Todd Pletcher Arthur I. Appleton 1:44.51
2003 Happy Trails Abdiel R. Toribio Steve B. Klesaris Sanford J. Goldfarb 1:45.40
2002 Emergency Status Robert Alvarado Jr. Derek S. Ryan Henick Stable 1:42.26
2001 Mystic Lady Filiberto Leon Mark Hennig Lee Lewis 1:44.31
2000 Lendell Ray Aaron Gryder William I. Mott Eigel & Glass, LLP 1:42.96
1999 Swamp Richard Migliore John C. Kimmel Heiligbrodt Racing Stable 1:40.94
1998 Who Did It and Run Felix L. Ortiz Debra J. Sones Debra J. Sones 1:41.20
1997 Rob 'N Gin Jerry Bailey Robert Barbara N. Kelly & Sabine Stable 1:40.80
1996 More Royal Julie Krone Jonathan Sheppard Augustin Stable 1:42.46
1995 Da Hoss Julie Krone Michael Dickinson Prestonwood/Wallstreet Sta. 1:43.00
1994 Zuno Star Mike E. Smith Mark Hennig Team Valor 1:43.86
1993 Llandaff Julie Krone William I. Mott Sheikh Mohammed 1:42.50
1992 American Chance Pat Day Niall M. O'Callaghan John D. Gunther 1:50.80
1991 Greek Costume Mike E. Smith Warren A. Croll Jr. Robert P. Levy 1:51.40
1990 Yonder Jerry Bailey Angel Penna Sr. Frank Stronach 2:04.40
1989 Awe Inspiring Craig Perret C. R. McGaughey III Ogden Mills Phipps 2:03.00
1988 Dynaformer Craig Perret D. Wayne Lukas Paul Lynn 2:02.80
1987 Avie's Copy Mickey Solomone David Kassen T. Brown Badgett 2:03.40
1986 Snow Chief Alex Solis Melvin F. Stute C. Grinstead/B. Rochelle 2:03.00
1985 Spend a Buck Laffit Pincay Jr. Cam Gambolati Hunter Farm 2:02.60
1984 Birdie's Legend Walter Guerra Steven W. Young T-Bred Stable 1:49.00
1983 World Appeal Jacinto Vasquez Scotty Schulhofer E. D. Kohr 1:46.60
1982 Aloma's Ruler Angel Cordero Jr. John J. Lenzini Jr. Nathan Scherr 1:49.60
1981 Five Star Flight Craig Perret Ben W. Perkins Sr. M/M Arnold A. Wilcox 1:50.00
1977 Cormorant Danny Wright James P. Simpson Charles Berry Jr. 1:50.40
1976 Life's Hope Miguel A. Rivera Laz Barrera E. Rodriguez Tizol 1:52.60
1975 Singh Angel Cordero Jr. John W. Russell Cynthia Phipps 1:50.80
1974 Better Arbitor Carlos Barrerra Del W. Carroll Del W. Carroll 1:50.40
1973 Knightly Dawn Jaime Arellano Pancho Martin Sigmund Sommer 1:53.20
1972 Smiling Jack Frank Iannelli Ralph W. McIlvain Eicee-H Stable 1:50.60
1971 Bold Reasoning Jacinto Vasquez Nick Gonzales Kosgrove Stable 1:49.60
1970 Personality Eddie Belmonte John W. Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:48.00
1969 Al Hattab Michael Hole Warren A. Croll Jr. Pelican Stable 1:48.00
1968 Out of the Way Eddie Belmonte Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:49.00
1967 In Reality Earlie Fires Melvin Calvert Frances A. Genter 1:48.00
1966 Creme Dela Crème Don Brumfield Ira Hanford Bwamazon Farm 1:49.60
1965 Hail To All Johnny Sellers Eddie Yowell Zelda Cohen 1:48.60
1964 Roman Brother Fernando Alvarez Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 1:49.60
1963 Candy Spots Bill Shoemaker Mesh Tenney Rex C. Ellsworth 1:50.00
1962 Jaipur Larry Adams Bert Mulholland George D. Widener Jr. 1:49.00
1961 Ambiopoise Bobby Ussery Thomas M. Waller Robert Lehman 1:49.20
1960 Bally Ache Bobby Ussery Homer Pitt Edgehill Farm 1:49.00
1959 Waltz Larry Gilligan Max Hirsch W. Arnold Hanger 1:49.60
1958 Lincoln Road Chris Rogers Victor J. Sovinski Sunny Blue Farm 1:49.00
1957 Iron Liege Bill Hartack Jimmy Jones Calumet Farm 1:48.00
1956 Fabius Bill Hartack Jimmy Jones Calumet Farm 1:48.80
1955 Dedicate Sam Boulmetis Sr. G. Carey Winfrey Mrs. Jan Burke 1:48.20
1954 War of Roses Jack Westrope James E. Ryan Esther du Pont Thouron 1:51.60
1953 Royal Bay Gem Jimmy Combest Clyde Troutt E. Constantin Jr. 1:53.20
1952 King Jolie James Stout Hirsch Jacobs Isidore Bieber 2:03.60
1951 Steadfast Hedley Woodhouse Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 2:04.40
1950 Ferd Conn McCreary Andy Schuttinger Mrs. A. Schuttinger 2:02.80
1949 Palestinian Hedley Woodhouse Hirsch Jacobs Isidor Bieber 2:01.80
1948 Citation Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:03.00
1947 Double Jay John Gilbert Walter L. McCue Ridgewood Stable 1:49.60
1946 Mahout Wayne D. Wright Oscar White Sarah F. Jeffords 1:49.20
1945 Trymenow Herb Linberg Oscar White Sarah F. Jeffords 1:51.80
1944 Lucky Draw Wayne D. Wright Bert Mulholland George D. Widener Jr. 1:50.40
1943 Eurasian Frankie Zehr Sol Rutchick Mill River Stable 1:50.40
1942 Salto Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:49.80
* † In 1967, Dr. Fager won but was disqualified for interference.