Jeong Nan-jeong

Jeong Nan-jeong (hangul: 정난정; hanja: 鄭蘭貞, 1525(?) - November 13, 1565) was a Korean de facto politician of the Joseon period. She was the influential concubine of Yun Won-hyeong, who himself was the maternal uncle of 13th King Myeongjong, and Chief State Councilor 인 in 1563–1565. She reportedly had Yun Won-hyeong's first wife poisoned to death and became the 2nd wife with full status. She was close to her sister-in-law Queen Munjeong. In 1565, after the death of the Queen, both Jeong and Yun were exiled from the capital and, unable to make a political comeback, both committed suicide by poison (Jeong first,[1] followed by her husband[2])

Jeong Nan-jeong
JeongNanJeong Grave.png
Tomb of Jeong Nan Jeong,
in Gyoha-eup, Paju, Gyeonggi-do
Revised R.Jeong Nanjeong
McCune–R.Chŏng Nanchŏng


  • Father: Jeong Yun-Gyeom (1463 - 1536) (정윤겸)
  • Mother: Lady Nam (남씨)
  • Husband: Yun Won-hyeong (1509 – 18 November 1565) (윤원형)
    • Daughter: Lady Yun of the Yun clan of Papyeong (파평 윤씨)

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