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Jeong-dong is a legal dong, or neighbourhood of the Jung-gu district in Seoul, South Korea and governed by its administrative dong, Sogong-dong.[1]

Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul정동
 • Hanja
 • Revised RomanizationJeong dong
 • McCune–ReischauerChŏng tong
CountrySouth Korea

It is an historical area with Deoksu Palace from the Joseon Dynasty and some of Korea’s first modern schools and churches. It also home to contemporary museums, galleries and theaters along tree-lined streets and cobblestone alleyways.[2]


  • Jeong-dong Culture Night - It is the place where modern Western culture first took root, including Deoksugung Palace where the king stayed during the Joseon Dynasty. Ewha School, Baejae School, Jeongdong jaeil Church etc. have been around for more than 100 years to tell the vivid history of Jeong-dong.[3] Jeong-dong Culture Night offers various cultural experiences for domestic and international visitors. Programs such as Eoga Parade, military music parade, concerts, story-telling, busking and film exhibitions will be held in connection with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.[4]



Schools located in Jeong-dong:

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