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Jens of Sweden was a Swedish company founded by Jens Nylander that mostly made portable media players.

Nylander declared the company bankrupt on 20 September 2005 (20 September 2005). According to Nylander, the company's financial problems were mostly due to the bankruptcy of the American reseller Outwardsound, which left Jens of Sweden with claims of 700 000 Swedish kronor, and the Korean manufacturer Iops. Iops made the MP-130, but technical problems with the player forced Jens of Sweden to repair the players at a cost of approximately 3-4 million kronor. After this, the company canceled their payments to Iops.


  • MP-450
  • MP-400
  • MP-120
  • SoundBridge (Rebranded from Roku[1])


  • MP-100
  • MP-110
  • MP-130
  • MP-300

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