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Jefferson Parish Public Schools is a school district based in Harvey in unincorporated Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, United States.[1][2] The district operates all district public schools in Jefferson Parish. As of 2014 it had 47,000 students, making it the largest public school system in the state.[3]


In the 2014-2015 school year the district had 48,126 students, 1,467 students (3%) higher than the enrollment of the previous school year. There were a total of 5,634 English Language Learners (ELL) students as part of the overall student enrollment for 2014-2015, and that had increased by about 1,200 (28%). Most of the additional students for 2014-2015 were Hispanic, and of them, most were Honduran. According to ELL director Karina Castillo the East Bank had more of the new students than the West Bank.[4]

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James K. Glassman of The Atlantic wrote in 1978 that the school system was of the same quality as that of New Orleans even though Jefferson Parish was wealthier than New Orleans; Glassman described Jefferson Parish as "one of the most poorly run rich counties in the United States."[5]

In October 2009, the release of annual school performance scores by the state revealed that Jefferson Parish's public school system posted its largest-ever increase in performance score, to 78.4, though the performance score remains significantly below the state average of 91.[6]

The Louisiana Department of Education stated in 2013 that the district had a performance rating of "B", giving it the 36th highest score of the school districts in the state.[7] This score applies to the 2012-2013 school year.[8] It made a "C" grade in 2012 and a "D" grade in 2011.[7]

By 2012 the district established a policy stating that if a principal does not reach academic goals in three years, the principal will be removed. In 2012 15 principals lost their jobs over this policy.[9]


As of 2014 teachers who have large numbers of bilingual students and are fluent in either Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese may receive a $3,000 annual stipend and/or a $2,000 signing bonus.[10]


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