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Jeff Matsuda (born 1970) is a Japanese-American concept artist, comics artist, and animator. He served as the chief character designer for both Jackie Chan Adventures and The Batman, and is the president and creative director of X-Ray Kid Studios. Matsuda was discovered by Rob Liefeld after submitting some WildC.A.T.S. samples pages to Liefeld's Extreme Studios and Jim Lee's Wildstorm. However, Matsuda's first published artwork, depicting the X-Force character Cable, appeared in the letter art section of Wizard Magazine.

Jeff Matsuda
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller; Animator


While at Extreme, he penciled issues of the Image Comics titles: Brigade, Team Youngblood, Youngblood Strikefile, Troll and New Men. Matsuda moved on to work for Marvel Comics beginning with some pages for X-Men Prime, which eventually led to runs on X-Factor and Wolverine in addition to work on individual issues of X-Men, Generation X, Avengers and some pinup drawings in X-Men Unlimited.

Matsuda was later reunited with Liefeld at Awesome Comics which published Kaboom, written by award-winning writer Jeph Loeb. The protagonist of the title featured a third spelling of its creator's first names, Geoff, though in Loeb's case, Jeph is actually short for Joseph.

Jeff Matsuda led the team designing the look of Google Lively.[1]


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