Jeff Kipnis

Jeffrey Kipnis (born 1951, Georgia) is an American architectural critic, theorist, designer, film-maker, curator, and educator.

Jeff Kipnis
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Jeffrey Kipnis in November 2006
Known forArt history, Architectural history, Architectural theory

Education, honors, and careerEdit

Not a registered architect, Kipnis first came to prominence through his association with avant-garde architect Peter Eisenman, and their joint collaboration with French philosopher Jacques Derrida. Kipnis holds a master's degree in physics from Georgia State University, USA (1981), and in 2006, he was awarded an honorary diploma by the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, in recognition of his contributions to the discipline of architecture as a teacher, critic, and theorist. Other honors include the AIA (Georgia Chapter) Bronze Medal for Service to Architecture (1985), a Professional Development Award from the Architectural Society of Ohio Foundation (1992), and an Ohio State University Distinguished Research Award (2005). He is professor of architecture at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. He has been a visiting professor at Princeton University, New Jersey, Columbia University, New York, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, and is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Angewandte Kunst). Kipnis taught at the Architectural Association from 1992–1995, where he was the founding director of the Graduate Design Program. He also curates Architecture and Design at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio.

As a critic he has written for many different periodicals, including Assemblage, El Croquis, Architectural Design, Harvard Design Magazine, Log, and Quaderns.


As a designer, Kipnis collaborated with architects Reiser + Umemoto (RUR Architects) on the Water Garden in Columbus, Ohio (which won a 1998 PA Design Award) and the Kansai-kan National Diet Library. During the 1990s he collaborated with the Iranian architect Bahram Shirdel on the design of influential projects such as the Scottish National Museum, Montreal Urban Design 1990-2000, and Place Jacques Cartier.

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