Jebel Barkal Museum

The Jebel Barkal Museum is an archaeological site museum located on the eastern side of the archeological area of Jebel Barkal at Karima in the Northern State of Sudan.[1][2]

Jebel Barkal Museum
Statue representing a row of four baboons. Napatan period from Taharqa temple at Sanam
LocationArchaeological site of Jebel Barkal,  Sudan
Coordinates18°31′58.2″N 31°49′42.5″E / 18.532833°N 31.828472°E / 18.532833; 31.828472Coordinates: 18°31′58.2″N 31°49′42.5″E / 18.532833°N 31.828472°E / 18.532833; 31.828472
TypeArchaeological collection


The three gallery rooms of the museum display artefacts and pottery findings from excavations conducted in the Jebel Barkal area, among them one of the royal Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt statues found by George A. Reisner in 1916.[3]


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