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A Few of the Eminent Women of California, Mariana Bertola, Carrie Jacobs-Bond, May Showler Groves, Minna McGauley, Maud Wilde, Jeanette Lawrence, Miriam Van Waters, David Starr Jordan, Annie Florence Brown, Gertrude Atherton

Jeanette Carolyn Heintzen Lawrence (May 3, 1869 - July 6, 1960) was an American writer and lecturer.


Jeanette Carolyn Heintzen was born on May 3, 1869[1] in Sierra County, California, the daughter of Charles Heintzen, Jr and Sarah V. Busch.[2] Her father was the first banker north of Sacramento in the 1850’s.[3] From both father and mother side she was descendant from California pioneers: Charles Heintzen, Sr. drove the stagecoach for Wells Fargo, sometimes hiding the gold from the North Yuba River mines in butter churns on their way to San Francisco, via Marysville; August Busch partnered with Herringlake in establishing the Wells Fargo building in Sierra City.[4]

She moved to Sacramento in 1910 and lived at 918 Mission Way, Sacramento, California. She first married Carey and later married Richard Kay Lawrence (1881-1953) and had two children: Charles Josef Carey (from the first husband) and Richard Jay Lawrence (1907-1994) (from the second husband).[2]

She was a writer and speaker; she was the organizer, and for two years president of Sacramento Branch League of American Penwomen; she was president of the P.E.O. Sisterhood; she was president of the Tuesday Club; she was State Chairman of Literature of the California Federation of Women's Clubs.[2]

She had poems published in newspapers and magazines; a poem to California's Sacred Sons decorated by artist Louise Tessin, was presented to Sacramento Memorial Auditorium and then hung in the Memorial Hall of the building.[2]

She was the author of: My Service Flag, The Unknown Soldier, American, Wings of Triumph, The American Comet, Pine Songs of the Sierras and other poems.[2]

She was very active in women's club work, and was well-known dramatic reader and lecturer.[2]

She was a member of: Penwomen, California, Writers Club, Woman's Forum, Tuesday Club, Daughters of the Nile, Order of the Eastern Star, L. W. Charity Club, American War Mothers.[2]

Jeanette Lawrence died on July 6, 1960, and is buried at East Lawn Memorial Park, Sacramento.


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