Jean Marot

Jean Marot (1463 – c. 1526) was a French poet and the father of the French Renaissance poet Clément Marot. He is often grouped with the "Grands Rhétoriqueurs".[1]

Life and positionEdit

Marot was born Jehan Desmaretz [2] at Mathieu, near Caen in 1463. His verses were enjoyed by Michelle de Saubonne, wife of the Lord of Le château du Parc-Soubise situated in Mouchamps. For this she presented him to Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, and in 1506 he obtained the post of escripvain (poet laureate-cum-historiographer). Clément was the child of his second wife.

Jean later became the official poet of the kings Louis XII and Francis I of France. He died in Paris around 1526. His son Clément was then appointed in his place, as valet de chambre to the king, and likewise became a noted poet.[3]


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