Jean II, Bishop of Orleans

Jean II was a French religious figure appointed Bishop of Orleans in 1096, succeeding Jean I in the role,[1] and consecrated in on 1 March 1098.[2] Jean had previously been archdeacon at Tours.[3] He was a nephew of Suger.[4]

Orléans Cathedral of Sainte-Croix

In 1100, Ivo, Bishop of Chartres complained bitterly in a letter to Pope Urban II that Jean had been made the Bishop of Orleans despite a reputation for sexual looseness, as well as being underage.[5] Ivo reported that Jean had been given the nickname of "Flora", after a well-known local courtesan,[2] and had become the subject of a number of lewd street songs. In an attempt to head off Jean's elevation to the bishopric, Ivo had previously sent examples of the lurid lyrics to the Archbishop of Lyons but to no avail.


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