Jean-Victor Hocquard

Jean-Victor Hocquard (17 January 1910 in Obernai – 21 December 1995, id.) was a French musicologist, and a specialist of Mozart.


Jean-Victor Hocquard graduated from Metz high school and obtained his philosophy degree in Nancy. He was successively professor at Wissembourg, Sélestat and Sarreguemines. During the war, he served on the Maginot line. Imprisoned, released, re-imprisoned, he escaped from Metz at Christmas 1940. After the war, he was a professor of philosophy at the Grenoble, Tournon, Tanger and Altkirch high schools.[1]

He passed a Doctorate of Arts from the University of Paris in 1956. His thesis was devoted to La pensée de Mozart[2] partially published two years later at Éditions du Seuil, with a small book from the "Solfèges" series, reprinted since 1964 during its fourth reprint and in 1970 for the second edition, and then reprinted regularly.

He taught philosophy, but devoted most of his energy to deepening the knowledge of the Viennese musician. His name is considered to be "inseparable from Mozart's.", even more than Alfred Einstein, Jean and Brigitte Massin.[3] These authors having dealt with other studies in Beethoven or Schubert for example, Jean-Victor Hocquard in about ten books, has invested himself entirely for Mozart.

From his thesis, he maintained throughout his various studies, the idea that Mozart's specificity resides in a thought of "intrinsically musical character",[3] going even went so far as to consider Mozart as an initiatory guide who, through aesthetic ideals, "would make his music a work of "truth".[4]

To do this, he first dismantled the "interpretative overloads" accumulated on the person and the Mozartian work.[3]



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Jean-Victor Hocquard participated to issues of the L'Avant-scène [fr] in the 1980s and 1990s.

  • "La finta giardiniera, commentaire musical et littéraire", L'Avant-scène Opéra.
  • " Mithridate, commentaire musical et littéraire", L'Avant-scène Opéra, 1983.
  • "L'enlèvement au Sérail, commentaire musical et littéraire", L'Avant-scène Opéra, 1991
  • "Don Juan, commentaire musical et littéraire". L'Avant-scène Opéra (in French) (24). Paris. 1992. pp. 29–118. ISSN 0764-2873. OCLC 715992975..




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